Saturday, July 5, 2008

Water Please!

This is rare, Minoes and Spook together. They are waiting for me to fill the glass with mineral water. Minoes (the blue point) is always on my desk making it very hard for me to paint or use the computer. She always drinks from my glass or the water bowl for my brushes. Now Spook has discovered this wonderful water as well and the desk. Now I don't have to be afraid to have too much space on my desk or that my water will evaporate. Spook (the seal point) is with us since one year, when she came here she was 7 years old. Although she is a gentle spirit and easy going as all Holy Birmans, she needed time to acostumize. I feel honored that she want to share my desk, water and the company of Minoes. Dit is zeldzaam, Minoes en Spook samen. Ze wachten op mij dat ik het glas vul met water. Minoes (de blue point) is altijd op mijn bureau en bemoeilijkt het schilderen of computeren. Ze drink altijd uit mijn glas of als ik niet uitkijk uit mijn waterpot voor de kwasten. Nu heeft Spook ook de Spa Blauw ontdekt en vind het bureau ook wel een lekker plekje. Nu hoef ik niet meer bang te zijn dat ik teveel ruimte zal hebben op mijn bureau of dat mijn mineraalwater zal verdampen. Spook is sinds één jaar bij ons, ze was 7 jaar toen ze kwam. Hoewel ze heel zachtaardig en meegaand is,zoals alle Heilige Birmanen, heeft ze best tijd nodig gehad om te wennen hier. Ik voel me vereerd dat ze met mij het bureau wil delen, mijn water en het gezelschap van Minoes. Minoes is here 4 years. She was 8 when we got her from the shelter. From day 1 it was as if she had always lived with us. Here she is enjoying the sunshine together with Koekie. Minoes hebben we 4 jaar, zij was 8 toen we haar uit het asiel haalden. Al vanaf dag 1was het alsof ze nooit ergens anders gewoond had. Hier ligt ze samen met Koekie te genieten van de zon.


  1. hi amrianne!
    oh i love meeting your pets. they are all beautiful and so lucky to have you!

  2. Kitties and doggie are so sweet together. Mineral water, my aren't we fancy!! You know, my kitties don't like any people food except for tuna fish. Funny really as I have had cats who like a lot of people food. Take care, Suki

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks and I am so lucky to have them!

    Yes Kitties and doggies together always melt my heart!
    My cats don't have any strange eating habits they just eat dry cat food. I once had a cat,Muis, who loved strange people food such as fresh raspberries, canned mushrooms!
    Suki, have a nice day!

  4. mooi katte, hulle oe is pragtig...en hulle drink jou water nogal, dis vir my baie snaaks.

    daardie klein koekie is lieflik, so skoon en wit, nie soos my snuffs, sy lyk vuil langs jou twee.

    ek was by suki's blog en het gesien dit was jou verjaarsdag. Veels geluk liewe vriendin. en baie wfs vir n lekker jaar.

  5. dis ek weer!

    ek het jou ge 'tagged' Sien my pos vandag en wat jy moet doen! Ek hoop jy sal dit geniet! liefs.

  6. Hi Marianne...

    wonderful photos!!! so sweet...

  7. Love the pretty kitties! My cat Happy, no longer with us, was a desk cat (: He had a toy (formerly my daughter's- ha!) that was a black and white kitty like himself that he used to carry around like it was his baby. Oddly he loved roasted peanuts, peanut butter, and green beans! We had several names for him- Happerdoodle, Hapster, Dapper Happy. He was a piebald (black and white, looked like he was wearing a tuxedo) with green eyes. I miss him. Great photos Marianne!

  8. Hi Marianne, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've seen you on Suki's and I have been here before. I'm glad you like the deer picture.

    I love your kitties. I used to have a sealpoint Siamese that I adored. He had heart failure and had to be put down. One of the most difficult things I've ever done. Have a great day.

  9. Hi FY,

    Mijn Koekie is ook niet altijd schoon hoor! Ze lijkt gewoon wit dat is haar kleur, eigenlijk is ze "golden", ze heeft zo van die gekleurde vlekken ertussen, verder hebben ze allebei traanogen.......
    Ik ga als ik terug ben van werken zal ik mijn 24 uur posten

    Thanks Diana and Teri!

    Hi Quiche!
    Looks like your Happy had some strange eating habbits as well.
    Our cats here also get a lot of other names besides there real names. The dogs too.

    Hi Katie Jane,
    I have lost a lot of cats over the years, but some are so sadly missed. With some I had an incredible relationship.

  10. marianne, I just saw your comment in my Gratitude Photo blog regarding Ming-Wah's progress. Thank you for stopping by! I love how happy and healthy all of your four-footed children look! I have a blue point Himalayan named Bliss. She had a hard life on the streets with her babies before being adopted by me 7 years ago. She's quite photogenic :)
    I love your mandalas....every one is magical and beautiful! Your love for life radiates from them.
    Be well...

  11. Thanks HB!

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I would love to see Bliss (What a purrfect name!) I will search on your blog maybe you have an old post on her......


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