Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#16) Part 2

A fawn is born today!
Within one hour.....
Still wet
Here comes Auntie, who is pregnant too.
She will give birth tonight or tomorrow. Sorry I had such a busy day : my weekly tennis morning. Shopping for groceries. One of my ponds had a leak so I took it out and put in new foil. Then I baked 60 pancakes for the childrens tennis tournament. I went to my friend Marian and had a glass of Rosé when Germain called to say a fawn was born, so we rushed home again. It is late now and getting dark, I am having my dinner now (a slice of Pizza) and will go to bed. Sorry I haven't visit you, it has been a crazy day.........I will tomorrow. Once again Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. You are super active Marianne.
    From baking, shopping, going for a tennis play....etc!
    Go to stay active this way but take some good rest too:)
    I love these images of big & small deers, aren't they so adorable!
    Hug & Kisses:)

  2. How exciting to watch the fawn being born. It sounds like you need a little rest after cooking so many pancakes. Whew. HAW to you.

  3. That fawn is so precious, love the white spots...dribbles of innocence. Your day does sound quite busy!

  4. Oooh meid geweldig wanneer mag ik op kraamvisite komen?
    Weet niet wanneer je weer werkt,laat maar weten .
    Dikke knuffel voor de kleine.

    Liefs Marja

  5. ooooh what a joy to observe, thanks so much for sharing thia with us.

  6. Ah, so sweet. Thanks for sharing this.


  7. How neat to have a fawn born! So adorable!!! You had quite the day!!!


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