Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#15) E= for Elephant

This is Ein She Min , which means Prince of Spring (in Burmese). This little Prince was born the 23th of May in a zoo here in Emmen.
Isn't he cute!
Ein She Min is stampeding it's way to Linda! You can see what all the others have created for the ALphabet we are trading with each other at our ABC ATCs Around the World blog. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. and he is priceless, so different from what you usuallly do, priceless. haw liefling.

  2. He is adorable!!! Your ATC is just so sweet...I like all of the blended color in it!

  3. What an adorable baby! I love elephants, I do I do.

  4. A different direction....and very nice! He is too adorable!

  5. Happy Animal Wednesday. What a sweet baby.

  6. this is a note to my best friend marianne:

    how are you? it's me, emily. i got your presents yesterday and i jumped almost to the ceiling because i was so happy. the rabbit is the best. i will keep it. i put it under my pillow and i will dream about you sometimes. i am glad you are my best friend. because you are a very nice best friend. i want you to be happy all the time, okay? let me know if you need help.

    love from


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