Monday, June 8, 2009

Cactus Monday (#38)

A cactus bloom ATC (traded with Margaret)
Another Desert rose which is sometimes called cactus rose as well. (sent to Julie) I made this especially for Julie, a dear cactuteer who was to get my D. Here it is coming to you anyway dear! Want to know which ATC's I have to trade please look at My ATC Blog. Happy Cactus Monday! Please visit our Chief Cactuteer Teri and find out where more cactus posts are


  1. Beautiful delicate work Marianne... I love the first card...the prickly pear bloom. It simply dances! Is that the one that is spoken for? If not...I'd like to throw my name into the hat...:)

  2. Oh, these are both just gorgeous, Marianne!!! I will copy and print out the Desert Rose for my at board!!! Thanks!!! I love it! Looks like light is dancing off of it!!!
    I am going over now to visit your ATC blog!
    Happy Cactus Monday!!! YEAHHHHH!!!!

  3. Pretty in Pink!!! They both are gorgeous! My first cactus post was of Cactus Rose:)


  4. No julie no need to copy it it is already swimming the ocean towards you!

  5. Just beautiful Marianne. I love the blossom. It is sitting up high for everyone to admire it. Happy Cactus Monday.

  6. die eerste een is fantasties. niemand kry hulle kleure so (vivid) soos jy kan.hcm cactuteer en liefs.

  7. Marianne, this is truly beautiful. I love the rose painting you have done for Julie!

    I have been so crazy busy lately, but I am trying to make some blog rounds here. Hopefully this comment finds you well and enjoying the summer months!



  8. These are pretty, Marianne! I like the touch of yellow color in both of them, they look so cheerful. Happy Cactus Monday :)

  9. Such a lovely, delicate piece. I always love your choice of color, pink is my the desert rose!

  10. The first one looks like it's 3-D!! Like you cut it out and raised it on another piece of!
    The rose is so delicate and lovely.

    HCM dear friend!!

  11. Marianne, these are both so delicate and beautiful. And how wonderful of you to send this one to Julie. I know she so appreciates it.


  12. Wow! Marianne ....These are so beautiful1
    The first photo:
    I see the details and colours are so pleasing and uplifting!

    2nd piece:
    Still on desert rose!
    Love the Mandala version of the close-up desert rose.
    I am loving it to the fullest!

    Happy Cactus Monday Marianne:)

    I will check out the ATC blog for trade again. I need to go to the dentist shortly!

  13. all this creativity and trading has my eyes twirling and spinning and squirling and winning! i have to come up with a new way to compliment you, i just love your work.

    marianne, please stop by my blog to pick up a heart-filled award.


  14. Lovely both! Any one who trades with you is in for a joyous mail delivery.


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