Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday! (#8)

I got this award from KJ! Isn't it just the cutest picture with that heart in the sky! I feel honored that you thought about me in your list of nominees KJ! I'd like to pass the award on to everyone on my bloglist! And to Emily who deserves an award as well, she is KJ's co-writer on Animal Wednesdays! You can meet them both on KJ's blog, go over there and have fun!
Lynn's ATC arrived together with one of her beautiful photocards! I still haven't got my camera back, so this picture doesn't do her art justice. So please visit her blog to see her amazing art and photocards, which are for sale. Thanks Lynn love them all!
A few days ago I woke up on the coach and found Sjimmie using my foot as a pillow. I thought it was such a cute sight! I am grateful to have a cat, who puts all his trust in me. Just this little thing; his head on my foot can fill my heart with happiness and gratitude. Hope you will find lots of things today to be grateful for!


  1. That heart in the sky is amazing!

    So kind of you to post my ATCs and card and thanks too for the plug. ;-)
    Much appreciated. Just so fun to see my art on other's blogs! It's like being published!!! It IS being published!!!!

    Your kitty is so beautiful, soft and sleek! Of course he trusts you.
    What's not to trust? ;-)

  2. PS. I love the new purple format of your blog.

  3. AWE...that is just how I feel about my Doozey!!!

  4. P.S....Love your new blog layout!!!

  5. The heart has a cool opening in sky.
    Open up for award!
    Congrats Marianne, I am so happy for you.
    The award is brand new and love is in the air...He..He..
    I can feel it. I can!

    The previous post, boy boy is sleeping soundly with the little cutie!
    Make some meaningful and priceless shots!
    You have captured them so well!
    Bye Marianne!

  6. Love your new blog appearance with cool cool purple, couple up with beautiful soft pastel purple blossom.
    Wow! I want to always come back!
    Bye but will come back again!

  7. I really like your new look on your blog. A lovely award too. Thank you for passing it along. That Sjimmie is a beautiful cat. You are blessed to have him.

  8. Was erg gezellie,nog bedankt voor de rozen ze staan prachtig.
    Je mail krijg ik niet geopend,wegens de security ben nu wel erg nieuwsgierig naar het hertje en kat.

  9. Congratulations for the are deserving of it. The ATCs are wonderful! Love the kittie...hope your son is feeling better.

  10. hi marianne!
    oh what a wonderful post and photo!
    your blog looks fantastic!

  11. Oh gee, this photo of you and Sjimmie is just perfect for to illustrate trust and love! Give him a hug from Auntie.

    Congrats on the award and all those wonderful ATCs!!!


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