Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Website Update

Finally I changed the look of my site and updated everything. Since I started blogging I have been neglecting my site, so it needed a thorough sweep. It took me whole day. I think my house could use a sweep too........... Above the old situation, want to see the new? Eindelijk heb ik mijn website eens onder handen genomen. Sinds ik met bloggen ben begonnen heb ik mijn site verwaarloosd, dus een grondige opknapbbeurt was wel nodig, het heeft me een hele dag gekost. Nu mijn huis nog........ Boven de oude situatie, benieuwd naar de nieuwe?


  1. I love this new website a lot ... you did a very good job on it

  2. Go Go Go! New and sweep is great!
    Congrats to you Marianne:)

  3. Really beautiful job you did redesigning your website. It is attractive and soothing and shows off your talent.

  4. Just wanted to say that it looks great!

  5. i wish i could do what you can do.


  6. hi marianne!
    oh your website looks wonderful!
    great job!


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