Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#11)

And here is #2!
Born one day later
Aren't they cute?
Such a sweet mother
True love! I have received a lot of sweet mail! Wonderful ATC's, which I wanted to show, but I have had another busy day. Finished my pond and now I have a sore throat, which is a sign for me to take care of myself. I am tired. Hope to post and visit you all tomorrow. I am thankful for all the wonderful mail I got this week (which I will show soon!), for having my camera back, for having finished my pond and for another healthy fawn!


  1. What a wonderful Mom and baby. I bet you can hardly stop watching them.

  2. What a gift Mother Nature has unveiled for you! Precious moments! :)

  3. What a view in your back yard. My little bunny rabbit was the best my yard could do for me. Good...but not a mother deer and her precious fawn.

  4. oh how is such a gift!!! thanks for sharing these photos!!!


    love your new look here!!!

  5. These darlings are so sweet and yes, what a good mama! Take care of yourself and get some rest. Your mandala to Soul was beautimus!

  6. How wonderfully sweet! I love deer even though my Dad seems to have battled them for decades to get them to leave his plants alone. :) I don't see them that much anymore so I love seeing these photos. They seem to be magical creatures!

  7. Awww these are just super photos Marianne, what a treat to see! When I get back from my break, it would be great to trade with you so perhaps we can sort something out...will email you.

  8. Wat een mooi gezicht moeder & kind
    weet je al of het meisjes of jongens zijn,en hou je ze?
    Heb nog een goed recept hertenkalfbiefstuk ,grapje.
    Hoe is de keel Take care dear!!!!

  9. marianne, don't forget me...
    i'm sorry you have a sore throat. why don't you try a few jellybeans and see if that helps?


  10. What a wonderful series of photos Marianne. So pretty.


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