Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thankful Thursday! (#7)

A gift from Lolo! This Cactus Rose came together
with this beach! Oh how I love them both!!!!! The beach is an ABC ATC, admire them all at ABC ATCs Around the World
When her envelops hit the doormat, it is a feast! The envelop is something to look forward to and to collect! Included were 2 gorgeous mandala cards. Here cards are available here Thanks Lolo dear! I am a big fan of your work!
Yesterday I got this big bunch of Jasmine flowers from a friend! Aren't they gorgeous. Pity you can't smell them.......
And here is a picture of my new lamp! It was my parents lamp, which they bought in Italy more than 30 years ago. I just love it! Moving my mother and getting rid of all their things was painful. I am happy and grateful that their lamp is hanging in my room now. (pictures taken with my phone) Hope you will have a day with a lot of things to be thankful for!


  1. Thanks for being my Friend sweet Marianne that is one of the many things I,m thankful for.

  2. Oh...Marianne that lamp is gorgeous! How special it is too!!! WOW!!!!!!! I am so happy that you have it!

    Your flowers are also really pretty...I have a love for white flowers...especially in moonlight!

    God bless!

  3. What great shares! All the artwork looks wonderful, lots of goodies. And the pictures of your dining room are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. beautiful flowers, dazzling chandelier!!

    I'm glad you were surprised by the rose cactus and that you like your cards ;)

    Happy Thankful Thursday!! My Uncle is keeping me so busy I won't have time to post this week...but I'm still thankful!!


  5. oh wow Marianne!!! wonderful treats for you...and those are some wonderful jasmine flowers....I can close my eyes and almost smell them....they are wonderful!!!

    Thanks for sharing all these treats....


  6. that lamp is too beautiful for words. enjoy it and pass it on to your kids too. love and wfs.

  7. Anything from Lolo is such a treat. Love that cactus rose.

    Your chandelier and blooms are beautiful.

  8. Beauty everywhere I look! Wonderful lamp! :)

  9. hi marianne!
    what a beautiful post!
    i love the new atc's and that lamp is just magical.

  10. how wonderful to have received such beautiful art.

    I also have mom's chandelier in my house, I will post it also one day - I love having it and remember it from home.

  11. Lolo's drawings are great!
    I love your new lamp. Wow and it so suit your decor!
    Love the cool white little blossoms from friend.
    They are so matching and bleand in so well.
    How I wish I am your guest Marianne:)

  12. Friends are always welcome Yoon See!


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