Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#16)

This is a mural I did years ago. Fleur (the cat) and Pluis (the rabbit) for the daughter of my friend Erna. Those were her pets. Fleur is still alive and kicking , but Pluis is enjoying retirement in rabbit heaven.
And this rabbit I did for Emily, who is my very special friend!! It could have been a nice R for the ABC ATC's Around the World, but iot was custom made for Emily. I imagine her like this. Does it resemble you? She is my special friend! No one can come between us! Well unless you have an endless amount of jelly beans...............No, I don't think so. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Absolutely precious, precious, precious!!!!

  2. This is just wonderful Marianne. That bunny is adorable and sweet.


  3. These are marvelous Marianne. Happy Animal Wednesday.

  4. The "fluffy" part of this cute bunny reminds me of me!!! Both mentally and physically!!! LOL!!!

    Love your bunny for Emily!

  5. OH! OH! OH! it's me emily, marianne. i tuck this drawin under my pillow every night but i won't wrinkle it so don't worry. i look very smart and innocent, don't i?--and of course i am. but marianne, i am your BEST friend not just your special friend. you can tell me anything and i will always tell you how to blame someone else and never yourself because you can count on a best friend to do that, right?

    OH! i feel very popular. you are very sweet to me. and this julie, do you think i would like her because i like what she said.

    Message to everyone: i kinda love marianne.

    yours truly,

    emily v. v. rabbit

  6. Has anyone else ever noticed how Emily Rabbit just goes on and on and on and the energizer bunny without commas?
    Well, that's what I love the most about her. Her rambling sentences!

    This is a most precious atc for a most precious rabbit ;)

  7. P.S. I forgot to say how lovely this mural is with sweet Fleur and Pruis. beautiful!

  8. "so see if i care if marianne is your best friend...naa naa naa naa, i have best friends too...mmm let me think...there's .....then there's..... and now let me see...there's......"

    But one thing i do see is that our marianne is 'hiding her talent under a bush' wow, you are such an artist my friend...haw to you with my liefs and wfs.

  9. Wow! The bunny for Emily is super cute!
    The mural is a great collection for your daughter friend Ema.
    Sorry to hear Pluis is not around but anyway, just like us the rabbit also will go to heaven one day.
    A good way to recall memories Marianne:)


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