Sunday, June 7, 2009

D= for Desert Rose

D= for Desert Rose This ATC is made for the ABC group and goes to Gina in Ireland One of my favorite flowers. They don't belong in the climate where I live. Proof these plants trying to survive the winter and my care. They really look pityful here. Here they are where they thrive best, in Africa. After toturing them for 2 years I finally got them to blossom! I am so happy!
Don't you just love these flowers?
Which have a beautiful transparancy and colors. More about the desert rose or watch it here Desert Rose by Sting (& Cheb Mami)


  1. You are making me think that this is the next plant type I will be adding to my yard landscape! They grow like a dream here too in south Florida...they are really using them in great big bnunches for public gardens since they love the drought! I like the pink color of yours...and congrats on your blooms! Very exciting!!!

  2. A beautiful blossom. No wonder you like them so much. There are many beautifully painted dishes with the desert rose motif. Love the ATC too.

  3. Yeah, I also super love them.
    They are just too beautiful!Just can't resisit these beautiful ATC!
    He..He...I want to join in for ATC too.

  4. Beautiful colors in your ATC and you were right on I see after seeing your plant....very lovely!

  5. Hi Marianne ,terug uit Russia stap uit de slurf op Schiphol en loop tegen Desiree aan hoe vindt je die?
    Ben niet echt mobiel maar we gaan echt bellen,morgenmiddag na je tennis .
    Liefs Marja

  6. marianne, where have i been? i've missed three mandalas and i can't say why. seeing them all at one time reinforces for me how precious this art is. i just love what you do, and how you share it. i know the atc i have is so brilliantly inspirational for me.

    watching the alphabet unfold from the sidelines is like going to a museum!!

    love to you, marianne

  7. Hi Marianne!!!! this is beautiful!!! I love your desert always create some wonderful pieces when I visit....

    thanks for popping by and leaving the sweet Anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful weekend away!!!


  8. gina is one lucky person! thanks for sharing photos of the real thing, too. they're beautiful!


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