Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#17)

Deer ATC, a quick sketch I made yesterday for Animal Wednesday.
The fawns are doing well, but still hard to spot. The mothers try to hide them in the beginning. Saturday the local newspaper came and the fawns were in the shed. The reporter took pictures, but he used my picture for the announcement. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. That ATC is stupendous!!! So, so beautiful!!! Deer are some of the cutest animals in the universe, don't you think???

  2. Oh, this ATC is wonderful. I have been enjoying the photos of the deer but your interpretation of the mother and doe captures the tenderness shared more than any of the photos. Is this ATC taken? I would love to trade with you. Email me at:

  3. This is such a sweet sketch Marianne. It just makes your heart melt. I can see why you wanted to sketch this.

  4. That is a lovely picture - I can understand why the paper used it.

    HAW to you and all the kitties.

  5. What a wonderful job you did on the atc! You've captured that moment perfectly. I've enjoyed the photos and enlarged every one of them! And now many people can see them in the paper ;)

    I miss you and blogging :(

    I hope you're well!!!


  6. OMG, the tenderness between the mother and fawn just exudes right out of the sketch. Gorgeous job Marianne!


  7. what a touching illo. haw to you today. i think i need another photot of koekie and droppie on your blog please, i miss seeing them.

  8. Love this precious moment of mother and child!


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