Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#12)

Where to start with showing all the wonderful things I have been receiving lately?! Uploads in random order; I got my G= for grape from Teri, which is for the ABC ATC's Around the World trades. The grapes, I just love fermented grape juice...........Did she know that? The card is gorgeous, the colors so vibrant. The card came with a specially made mandala card for me and a cat ATC, which I really wanted to have and now it is mine!!!!! Love those dreamy eyes........ And a sweet inchie. Thanks so much Teri!
Lisa send me this C= for Cat (what else.....) Love this cheeky looking cat! And as a surprise I got this owl ATC, which I have been drooling over. I just love them. Thanks Lisa and please let me know which ATC you want in return. (on my ATC blog)

Margaret sent me these gorgeous ATC's, which we traded, together with a beautiful card. Look at the envelop! There is a little piece of art on all her envelopes. I just love all that she creates! The picture doesn't do the ATC's justice, but like all things I show here, it looks so much better in person. Thanks Margaret!
Here is my D from Laure. For my ABC ATC's. Amazing alphabet letter with vibrant colors and lots of details. So beautifully done! Thanks Laure!
My dear friend Soul sent me this tea-towel, which I will save for my new kitchen, so that's why you can't see the real African beauty here, but over here you can admire it without the plastic! She also sent me 4 inchies, no I will not start with , noSoul I won't (not just yet.........)! But they sure are cute!!!!! Dank je wel lieve schat!
This is my E= for Elephant, which I got from Linda. Wish you could hold this card in your own hands so you could see the true beauty of it. So you just have to take my word for it. Also an extra ATC, with a nest with 3 eggs on it. The nest is haunting me for months already........... (Laure's ATC came with a nest-card as well) Thanks Linda!
And this wonderful surprise came from Julie. A beautiful ATC with a camee cat. I saw it on her blog and thought "oh I wish it was mine!". and reading the post I found out she made it for me, how cool is that?! I also love the Mary Engelbreit notepaper. We both love her work.
And this surprise came yesterday from Lolo! It looks so gorgeous, doesn't it?! Almost too beautiful to unwrap............... but I will Saturday! So we must stay in suspence for a few more days........... As you know Lolo is on the road now to her new home and I felt so thankful that in the period she was so busy packing she thought about my birthday! Amazing Lolo! Travel safe my dear friend. We all miss you, I do for sure. Hope you all have a wonderful day with lots of things to be thankful for.


  1. One of the many things I am thankful for is your friendship Marianne. When was your birthday?? I hope you had a happy day.

  2. Don't we all have beautiful friendships! So many beautiful letters for your alphabet and I just love all those ATCs.

    Can't wait to see what Lolo sent.

    You are blessed.

    Happy Birthday Marianne, whenever it is. Hate to think I missed it.

  3. Wonderful atc's and envelopes!! I love these thankful Thursdays :)

    I have something else for you but it came in the mail just as we were leaving! I have it with me so it won't get ruined. Besides, it was too late to pack it. Maybe I'll mail it from Colorado seeing as I'll be there for 3 days!

    I hope you like what's in the little package ;) I knew I had to get them for you!

    Have a wonderful birthday...which by the way everyone, is July 4th!!!

    I miss you too! Big hugs!


  4. I am not surprised that an "artistic firecracker" like you was born on the 4th of July---a perfect time for big celebrations here in the USA! Wishing you the very best on Saturday!!!

    The best thing about each and every one of these trades is a little piece of the trader's soul that comes along with it...Blessings multiplied!

  5. marianne, while i enjoyed seeing all these awesome gifts, my heart did sumersaults when i saw lolo's present to you. she is something else, that girl. in all her craziness, she gets it done--'it' being her love and kindness toward her friends. i love her...

  6. Happy Birthday Marianne.
    What wonderful gifts you have received from so many very talented artists! Isn't it delightful to have such friends?

  7. WOW...all those goodies!!! Gracious! How wonderful! When I made this cat, I could only think of you and Sjimmie!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Marianne, I hope you are happy everyday.
    Lovely gifts from friends, I will send you some cards when i am least busy. I have bought a printer but still haven't install it yet, now coming into the 3rd week already!


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