Tuesday, July 7, 2009

H= for Hibiscus

H= for Hibiscus H= for Happy Blooming Tuesday H= for Lolo! Hope you travel safe wherever you are....... You are nearly Home


  1. Hi Marianne!!! this is beautiful...Brad bought me an orange hibiscus and I love the blooms...your work is wonderful and reminds of of beauty each and every day!!!


  2. This is marvelous Marianne. I hope you are having a great week.

  3. What a beautiful bloom ATC!!! Love that color, Marianne!!!!! Lolo will love it for sure!!!

  4. yay, lucky me, lucky me!!!!

    it's beautiful, really! The first thing I thought of was to frame it for my new home (if I ever get there!)

    Thanks, dear friend. I love it!


    Do you know who received my "H?"
    They need to be reminded to post it and I don't have email addresses :(

  5. Hi Lolo!
    I think that would be Laure (thanks to Teri's rotation list)
    I asked her on her blog to post it.
    I just went to the postoffice to mail your H and some more surprises for your new home.

    Thanks Lisa Julie and Diana for your nice comments!

  6. Thanks for dropping by and your frequent kind comments on mine.
    This hibiscus is so beautiful & awesome!
    Everyone are happy!!!

  7. What a beautiful hibiscus with such lovely wishes for the lovely LoLo! I also thought your cactus post yesterday is pure beauty as well!

  8. What a Heavenly Happy Hibiscus Heading Her way to Lolo's new Habitat! HeeHee...Hooray!

    You have a magical touch Marianne! :) aHHHHHHHHHH! :)

  9. Hi Marianne, I specially love this hibiscus a wonderful painting. The colors speak to me,
    have a great weekend


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