Friday, July 31, 2009

K= for Klimt's Kiss

K= for Klimt's Kiss My favorite painting by Gustav Klimt This ATC is made for the ABC exchange and went to Soulbrush in Londen!
Nothing like the real thing................. I would love to paint this in true size on my bedroom wall.
(mw)ahhhhhhh......... Have a nice Friday! A kiss for you all.


  1. and i am the lucky, grateful and honoured recipient of it.proudly displayed in my atc book....geniet jou vakansie liewe vriendin en ook ju tyd met die familie. baie baie liefs en wfs vir jou en hulle.

  2. that would be a cool bedroom wall decoration. i wonder if it would affect your love life???

  3. hi marianne!
    oh i LOVE your new atc! soulbrush is so lucky!

    happy friday!

  4. Marianne, this is fantastic! I love your take on this famous painting. I agree, it is a wonderful one and would look great on your bedroom wall! Soul is very lucky to have this all to herself to enjoy!

    Come and visit my blog to see the surprise I have waiting there.

  5. Marianne...YOU are the real thing!!!! Spectacular! :)

  6. oh I love it Marianne!!! I think this is one of my favorites!!!


  7. Oh Marianne, I have to admit that I am soooo jealous of Soul! This is beautiful and I love the Kiss too. It is so unique. You have done it proud. Well done. Have a great holiday.

  8. Dearest Marianne,

    You are so generous with your love and your incredible art. Thank you, my wonderful friend, for your good wishes and love. And thank you for your beautiful, tender ATCs. They lift me up, truly. I am blessed to have you as a friend.



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