Monday, July 27, 2009

Cactus Monday (#44)

Prickly Pear Fruit (not available) I forgot to use my micron pen here so I just painted it with watercolor. When I use the micron pen over the watercolor I have the idea my pen ruins easily. Something that happen anyhow, these pens never last long in my hands..... Does anyone have an idea why this is? What do I do wrong? Advice is welcome! Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. MMMM! Juicy and spectacular...A great composition!:) HCM!

    A couple of thoughts...Are you using watercolor paper? The rough fibers/texture of the paper might be clogging the pen point or wearing it down because of the surface...My pens wear down faster when drawing on WC paper...Don't seem to find that happening much with Bristol Board...

    And...Have you ever tried a Pitt Pen? I personally am a huge fan of them...and find that they last much longer that the Microns...I used them all the time on top of my watercolor for that extra pop and definition. They wear very well...Do you have them there? Let me know...:)

  2. This is a beautiful cactus sketch Marianne. The fruits look so real.

    I too have found that the Micron pens are fragile. I have tried the Zig pens too and have worse luck with them. So maybe as Margaret has suggested the Pitt pens may be more durable. I haven't seen them around here but I didn't know to look for them.

  3. What a beautiful drawing Marianne,
    I love the colors, Happy CM!
    I find the Koh-I-Noor much easier to use with other medias.


  4. red, my favourite colour, i don't know what a micronpen or a pitt pen or any of the others are????hcm liefling en wfs.

  5. It's gorgeous Marianne!! You don't need a pen.

    I use my Micron before I watercolor and they last me a long time that way. I don't like Zig pens and have not used Koh I Nor pens.


  6. You Cactus is beautiful as is. amazing to me that you did not outline it first in pen...Such a steady hand you have with paint.
    I use Microns...never used Pitt but now I want to run out and find them...LOL

  7. Delightful painting! The prickly pear fruits are just ripening on the cacti in my area. I love your rich colors.

  8. it looks just like in the wild, so real. love your sketch, showing the beautiful fruits of prickly pear.

  9. Hi Margaret!
    Thanks for your advice. I will try the pitt pens. Indeed I use mostly WC paper. I will look for bristol board here, I love the difference in using them. I bought a package of bristol board in the States, but they must have that here as well.
    I guess the point indeed wear down because of the paper.

    Thanks Lisa, just like you I will try the pitt pens

    Hi Cathy, Koh I nor, I didn't know they had pens, I have pencils, but haven't used them yet.
    Hi Teri,
    Mostly I outline them first, but with this I made a rouugh sketch with a watercolorpencil (brounish beige) and forgot the micron.....
    So I just painted and with an iron pen I outlined them a bit with black ink (not permanent)and thhen I used some water again.
    Oh well it was fun trying something else.

    Hi lynn, I made a rough sketch first with a light beige watercolor pencil. So you see I am not so steady.......
    And yes I want to try those pens!

    Thanks Diane and Betchai

    HCM to you all!!!!!

  10. Hello Marianne,

    I love this painting. Prickly Pear Cactus...they make all kinds of food stuff out of this plant. How cool.

    I have used so many of those disposable technical pens...Micron, Pitt, Koh i nor, Rotring, etc., but the one I have found works great for me is the new Sharpie Pen. You know how Sharpies bleed through paper, etc. These do not. They give a nice line and last a good long time. I have found they work well on most paper, too. They also do not seem to move to mush as quickly as the other (more expensive) brands. I hope this is helpful (and what you meant). If you mean you have a tendency to misplace them...not good with helping you out there.

    Thanks for your thoughtful and kind comment on my blog today!

    Have a Beautiful Evening!

  11. wow! i love coming here and seeing your cactus of the week. the red flowers make me smile. and then i learn about pens! i love my micron--i use it first before i color anything in but now i want to check out the pitt pen too.

    thank you everybody. this writer and wannabee drawer is appreciative.


  12. beautiful! HCM. Its been great reading all the advice about pens. I recently discovered the japanese pens "Zebra"...I am enjying them so much. I can use them on the angle and the point is remaining intact! My Pitt pens get fuzzy very quickly.

  13. That is one special catctus. I love that colour and the fact that you've just done a section. Lovely.

  14. i love this sketch so colorful and i like so much the shading. i have some microns and thought they were wwater proof. but if you mean the ink disappears fast from within the pen i agree they dont hold much ink

  15. Hello Marianne,
    Happy Belated Cactus Monday.
    I am staring at this beautiful red prickly pear fruit. Too beautiful, He..He...I thought it's redberry or strawberry!

    I used Micron for once. My watercolour piece haven't dry, then I straight away apply on it. The ink just refuse to come out.


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