Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#18)

I have to show you some of my cat gifts! This plate I got from my friend Erna. It is made by Coccie van Duijn, one of my favorite artists. You really have to see her work at her site!
The best things in life have fleas. So true. Inside there was fudge from England, which is already finished....... with the help of all my men here.
Here is Sjimmie meeting my new piece of art I got from Olga Immerzeel, made by herself! She is a great ceramic artist. (unfortunately no site) Pity I didn't take a video of this.........Minoes and Yuki (a dog)did the same. Happy Animal wednesday!


  1. what a great post...and that last photo is priceless. ek het so baie gelag.daardie sjimmie, die klein skattebol! haw liefling en baie wfs vandag...

  2. that is a great photo - I love it. Happy Animal Wednesday Marianne!

  3. What a nice collection of kitty crafts. Sjimmie is so cute inspecting that unfamiliar cat in his garden. HAW

  4. Geweldige foto van Sjimmie.
    Goeie reis naar P.en nogmaals bedankt voor de gezellige avond Zondag.
    Liefs Marja

  5. Yeah for all things that have fleas!!! I am missing my Doozie while away from home...going back tomorrow and can hardly wait for all my kisses! Your kitty stuff is so pretty! I love Sjimmie!!!

  6. What beautiful items, just lovely! And the picture of your kitties in the backyard is adorable, what a lovely pond. Hope you are doing well, thanks for sharing. =)

  7. Beautiful gifts Marianne! That painting of the cat with fleas is fabulous. LOVE that photo of Sjimmie meeting the new 'cat'.


  8. you KNOW I love cats!! These are all wonderful. Oh marianne, I'd love to have that pond!

    two days away from our home base...yay!

    Miss you ;)


  9. Great shots! Love that last one! :)

  10. hello marianne!!

    is that a pond in your yard?

    how calming...


  11. oh what a beautiful post!
    i love all of your new cat art!

  12. Oh I thought that was a REAL cat. Too funny. Love it. Wonder what Henry would do with that?

    All the cat art is terrific.

    Happy Birthday?

  13. Oh, that is hilarious...Sjimmie meeting the sculpture. Hey, what kind of frozen cat IS this???


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