Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#19)

Turtle ATC created last week in Dubai for Shirley! Happy Animal Wednesday everyone! (pre post)


  1. Turtle is so pretty! Love all the green, of course! I see you pre-posted...hope you are having fun wherever you are!

  2. This is such a beautiful turtle mandala. HAW

  3. Ooooh, what a charming mandala...colors are wonderful together!

  4. sweet little you keep these coming so beautifully is a wonder.

  5. baie 'cute', en die kleure is mooi ook. is dit jou eerste reis na vancouver? is dit mooi daar en hoe is die weer? mooi fotos vir ons asseblief mevrou. haw and wfs en liefde van london.

  6. Wow, lucky Shirley!!

    I love everything you do ;)

    I'm going to paint your letter "K" this week. I can't wait until I'm all set up to start your big painting!

    Are you enjoying Vancouver?


  7. Love the soft watery colors of this...Lucky Shirley indeed!

    The card you requested was already taken...but I reserved another card similar to it on my flickr set of available cards...check it out it is your if you want it marked reserved with your name on it...:)

    Wave to me in AZ when you fly back home...after all you are so close! LOL :)

  8. i love it marianne and that you create art in all of the magical places you travel to!

  9. Your beautiful art trade will be featured as part of my "Thankful Thursday" post on my blog this Thursday July 23. Here is the direct link in case you might want to pop in for a peek...:)

    All the best!
    Margaret :)

  10. oh - this is so lovely - I adore turtles -HAW a day late M

  11. Lucky Shirley! She is really lucky.
    Very beautiful green ATC!


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