Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#13)

Among the things to be thankful for (in random order) these beauties from Margaret! Mail from her is always a pleasure to receive! I haven't yet seen a piece from her I didn't like, so trading is always fun! Thanks Margaret!
Now these ATC's came exactly on my birthday! H= for Happy Birthday! And a bling bling bonus card. From Soulbrush! Together with some intriguing inchies (NO SOUL, NO!) Thanks so much dear! What a great surprise.
An Award from KJ! Thank you dear! I am free to pass it on so please take it and spread the good news!
I just returned from Vancouver and I am still groggy from the flight, the lack of sleep and the time difference........ This is the view from my window where I am blogging and painting when not tired. Mums and children are doing fine, the fawns are growing and playing and showing themselves often now. Here they are relaxing just in front of my window. The house is filled with the smell of honey and garlic. My DH is preparing dinner. My holiday has begun! I will spend the first 10 days at home and the 1st of August we will go to Sweden. To spend time with family and friends and to bring my father home(we will bring his ashes to Sweden). I am grateful Lolo arrived home safe and sound and that she is back in action! Well I can make an endless for now Happy Thankful Thursday!


  1. marianne, you are so special. no wonder emily has claimed you for her own.

    that view from your window....

    have a wonderful fun vacation. that is so great that you have time off and will see family too.

    i'm thinking how could emily get you to come to new england?


  2. Swapping these ATCs is just so fun and wonderful to have someone else's art.

    Love these Christmas Thursdays. :)

  3. so bly dat jy weer tuis is liefling. geniet jou rus en jou vakansie. met baie soentjies en wfs.

  4. Have a great holiday Marianne. The deer look so peaceful resting outside your window.

  5. Terrific ATCs...I have a stack on my desk I need to photograph and post too. So much to be grateful for. Will your father come to live with you or nearby? Have a wonderful trip to Sweden and enjoy your time with family. How precious. Thanks for sharing so much.

  6. Have a wonderful holiday!!! Must be so cool to have deer in view from your house!!!

  7. What lovely, lovely art you received! Happy belated birthday too. Have a very safe and memorable holiday...each and every day of it!

  8. I am glad that you received this cool brusg award from KJ. What a heartfelt award!


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