Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Animal Wednesday #34 Emily V.V. Rabbit

Look who lives in my cabinet.......
It's a rabbit!
Not just any rabbit, no! My best friend.
On the run for becoming X-mas stew.
Arrived just in time to spend Christmas safe on my plates
instead of yours.
Just within reach, the silver spoons.
For the never ending supply of jelly beans.
Don't worry I won't pour hot chocolate
over your head.
I'll see to it you will be well fed.
And like a best friend, stay as long as you like.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. OH! OH! IT'S ME!

    isn't it great that we are best friends? have there been other rabbits before me, marianne? i hope not. i like to be first.

    how shall we get in trouble together? i have some ideas, but i cannot risk getting arrested again. it was harder on me than it looked.

    i hope you feel better, marianne, my best friend. i'm glad you like me in your cabinet, and thanks for all those spoons. i think each one can fit at least 3 jellybeans

    affectionately and yours truly,

  2. You got an Easter mug for Christmas? So cute. I like it displayed this way.
    Thanks for taking the time to drop over today! Always so good to see and hear from you!

  3. How lovely!! what a great way to start the day,

    HAW to you and your jumpy friend

  4. What a cute mug. It will make you smile after every cup of tea. HAW.

  5. That is SO adorable! What a neat gift.


  6. KJ showed me the picture when you sent it to, no fair!

    I love it!! So cute all nestled in with those pretty blue and white dishes. My favorite. Why am I not surprised?

    I'll email soon. I've been tired too ;)


  7. Ooh I want one too!! How cute is that? Sorry you haven't been feeling well Marianne - hope you'll be feeling full of beans soon (jelly beans?) take care now. Caroline x

  8. how sweet! love the name Emily!!! lol. enjoy.

  9. that is the cutest mug ever!!! how sweet Marianne!!!! I love it!!!


  10. Hi Emily
    Of course you are the first!

    Hi Lynn, no it's Emily Rabbit!She is not the easter bunny, she is my best friend!

    Lo, no surprise you like my dishes!

    Thanks Caroline!


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