Friday, January 15, 2010

Lolo's Page

This is the page for Lolo's Artysoulsisters book, which has travel as a theme.

I started where Soul left off with her beautiful Egyptian page.

I made the page in Cairo, where I started with the pyramides, one of the 7 world wonders.
Of course there are so many other wonders of the world to be seen as well.
I have been fortunate to have seen a few of them:
The pyramides which I did by camel a few years ago (I love riding a camel, a bit touristic I must admit....)
Petra , really one of the most impressive things I have seen in my life! (I have been there twice and I am determined to show it to my children one day)
The Great Wall of China, wow!
I cycled the Golden Gate Bridge, loved it!
Saw the Colosseum and the Christ Remeeder in Rio.
In this page there are a few things I have seen such as Mount Fiji, the Eifel Tower, the statue of Liberty and the big Buddha.
A thing I will never see: the lighthouse of Alexandria, where I have been but the lighthouse is not there anymore.........
A few things I wish to see in the future such as the Taj Mahal , Easter Island (couldn't help the joke there....) and a real Inutshuk.
And a dream to visit Lolo Emma and Bliss some day................(Sjimmie is with them right now that lucky b......)
Who knows, maybe this year, I have seen so many wonders why not this one?


  1. Hey welkom thuis,nou je ben wat vergeten op je rijtje"La Roseraie".
    Enne als je niet alleen naar de Taj Mahal wil,ikke wil wel mee hoor.
    Liefs,Marja en een lebber van Beautje.

  2. Dearest M,

    I should just cut and paste what I said on the Artsy SS blog! I am so blown away by the love and thought that went into my pages! I was especially touched by my house and my pets with Sjimmie and the map of Rhode Island. Wow!! You've totally outdone yourself!

    Now I have your book on my table as well as Joss's. I will get busy on both. I hope I do at least half as well as you did!
    This is amazing!!

    Thank you so much, you're a dear and so talented!

    love and hugs,


  3. This just proves there is so much to look forward to Marianne. A wonderful page.

  4. That is beautiful! I am now wishing I had joined the Arty Soul Sisters group (lower lip sticking out in a pout). Joss had invited me but I felt too busy to be able to give it the time needed. You all are doing some beautiful pages!

  5. i blew it up. i couldn't stop looking at it. what talent, what travels. but guess what i saw first and foremost?


    love from one precious friend to another. it's so obvious.

    you are both lucky ducks.

  6. Mindblowing page...true, there's so much love in it.
    Lucky you for having travelled so far and wide. I so envy you, marianne:)

    Best of luck n love for your Arty artsy book.

  7. Such a terrific page Marianne - bet Lolo is thrilled by it!

  8. Spectacular....the sun, the moon, your special touches embedded everywhere...What splendor! :)


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