Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday (#20)

Round ATC by Yoon See
I still have to show you my Christmas gifts
(pictures are at in ramdom order) Troelie inspecting an ornament from Lolo. Approved by Troelie:) Lovely gifts from Lolo! (Do you see the mandala magnet?) I gave myself a present by ordering my favorite painting from Soulbrush! A wonderful mug from Emily! (see yesterday's post)
How to be happy cards from KJ, with special additions from Emily.
Doozey in a Christmas stocking, a beautiful ATC from Teri.
A handmade card from Lynn (with Sjimmie) and a lovely card from Kate. And all the wonderful Christmas cards I received from all over the world!
Gifts from Yoon See.
Special things from Soulbrush. Click to enlarge the Sjimmie ATC's.
I ordered cards from Mim's Etsy shop and got a wonderful extra and a handpainted Ms.Em!
A lovely ornament from Lolo, which hangs perfect on my cabinet.
Emily keeps an eye on ityou see..... A special butterfly trollbead from Marja!
Thanks so much everyone! I am afraid I left someone or something out. It has been so much lately.....
But most thankful I am for the friendship you all give to me! The visits and comments all of you leave on my blog. The support and encouragement. And the thoughtfullness behind the presents and cards is heartwarming. Thank you all for making this bitter winter cold a few degrees warmer! Hope you have lots to be thankful for! ♥♥♥ >M<


  1. What a wonderful collection of Christmas cheer!
    You are easy to give to ;)

    I love the gifts you sent me as well. They'll always be treasured!


  2. all wonderful, we have such a close little gorup here in bloggyworld and i love that so much too.

  3. You have been mightly blessed with gifts Marianne. I feel mightly blessed with your friendship. It was delightful hearing your voice and hearing the proper pronunciation of Sjimmie's name. I have been saying it as I would here. Now I will give it the S at the beginning. happy Day. Stay warm.

  4. Oh such wonderful gifts Marianne. Not surprising since you are so generous when you give.

    SO wonderful to hear your voice and see Sjimmie in action! Thank you.

  5. What a lovely post...gorgeous things! It is so wonderful to hear your voice...Your little video clips are really delightful...Thanks for sharing them! :)

  6. holy smokes Marianne!!! the postman must have got in some major overtime delivering all these wonderful packages!!!

    Everything looks wonderful!!!


  7. hmmpf! i cannpt hear your voice because it is late at night and jb would have a fit if i woke her.

    what a wonderful group of friends you have, marianne, i am honored to be included.

    and emily, well, she just ASSUMES she's # 1 with you. i told her to be humble but she would have none of it.

  8. All your gifts are lovely Marianne..I hope you had a good Xmas and New the layout of this blog.

  9. Hello Marianne,

    Sorry to be late here.
    Pls. forgive me.
    Wow! You really got the best gem gifts from friends around the world. All are so beautiful and precious!
    I am so happy you are so blessed with good friends around:)

    To my surprise when I watched the video, Sjimmie was like a supercar playing the critters playful!
    Smart Sjimmie!
    I have just watched it another 2 round, so total three times.
    I really have a good laugh!

    Thank you Marianne, I will send you more gifts in the near future.
    My printer just came back. I love to share more beautiful things from Malaysia with you.

    Please wait for the next round.

    Yeah, it's time to say Happy Weekends again. Bye!


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