Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Pomme and Sarah

One year ago my dad passed away.
After a 10 days stay in the hospital.
He was in the IC unit 3 times and the last words he said to me were:
Marianne there is still food for the cats in the microwave........
I told him that I would get it out.....
His last concern was the care of his cats As a kid he made me believe he detested cats. He would make jokes about it that when he would see a cat cross the street he would pull up with his car. He even did it sometimes untill we screamed in the backseat NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (he was only joking ,he couldn't even hurt a fly if he want to, but still................) (Mom with Sarah) As soon as I lived on my own I took my first cat Anna, a mean devil....... And when I started working for KLM I had to find a solution for her. My dad told me I had to put an add for her. I said I did but couldn't............. Meanwhile my parents took care of Anna and my Pekingnese when I went to work. And I guess he fell in love with her. Anna wasn't a nice cat but in the end he adored her. Later he decided the add was no longer needed and my parents took care of my pets when I was abroad. (Sarah with Koekie and droppie in the garden) Years later there was a stray cat living outside their building trying to survive the winter and after some persuasion from my side he took her in. Hitte was his fist cat. Later he took a kitten born at my home from a rescue cat, which was Pomme. Now 17 years ago. (Pomme learned how to use the petdoor)
When the stray, Hitte, died my parents took Sarah to keep Pomme company. They got Sarah from the shelter, a young and very sick cat.
He didn't want to take a young cat considering his age then.
I assured him that when anything would happen I would take care of them. And so I did one year ago. The cats are doing fine.

(ahhh ......a vitamine D shot!)

I didn't think Pomme would live that long anymore. She could hardly walk and spent the last half year hidding behind the curtainsat in my parent's new appartment.

Pomme has lost 5 kilo's here in the meanwhile and she can walk much better again. (My father took way too good care of them...... ) As it looks now she will live to be a hundred. For the first time in 10 years she comes outside again and enjoys the sunshine. Somehow she didn't dare to go outside anymore in the big city.

(hi there....)

Sarah is having some urinary problems since December, but I think she will be ok with her special diet.

(Pomme with Koekie) (Sarah with a harmless dog)
(Cleaning each other's ears) ( Isn't she cute?)
My father who said he hated cats turned into a cat lover and in his last moments they were his biggest concern (Sarah in the garden) (Pomme and Sarah on my desk. Pomme practically lives there when I am at home)
I hope my dad knows they are alright and I hope I won't disappoint him.
Happy Animal Wednesday Dad!
I hope there are some cats up there with you.........


  1. Oh Marianne, I know how much you miss your Dad. I feel sure he knows how well you take care of his beloved cats. It is wonderful seeing your sweet kitties and dog. We haven't had a visit from them in a long time. Don't be too sad today. HAW. ((hugs))

  2. marianne it is obvious that your love for your dad is wound together with your love for your cats. he knows exactly what you do, and why you do it, and he loves and respects you hugely. i cannot believe it is a whle year already.
    ek wens jou en jou mamma baie goeie en warm gedagte op hierdie baie belangrike dag. hy het jou lief en jy weet dit. en dankie vir die wonderlike fotos van koekie en droppie, hulle is net so groot soos die katte, en ek het hulle so lief. skattebolle altwee.

  3. Weet je wat ik denk...dat je Pa mijn Ma hier boven zelfs van katten leert houden.
    Meid wat is hij trots op jou en terecht.

  4. this brought tears to my eyes. what a sweet, loving story. I am a huge cat lover and can totally relate to how your dad may have felt.

    oh marianne, he knows. he really knows. they are beautiful and cared for and loved. :)

    hugs to you and all the furry friends!

  5. Marianne, he knew you would take good care of his kitties....it has to be some comfort to carry out that task for him and them. I know this is a difficult day and especially the past year. Just weeks ago it was 6 years that my dad was gone and I still miss him dearly. He will always be there with you in love and memories. Big hug to you and those cute pets!!!! Great candle.

  6. Dear Marianne - what a lovely heartfelt post about your beloved Papa and poesjes. My, what a wonderful life those kitties had with him and now with you - they look so contented and well fed!!

  7. What a heart-warming story Marianne as I sit here with tears in my eyes. He knows his pets are well cared for and loved.
    A beautiful tribute to all.

    Hugs to all including Sjimmie.

  8. There is no way a love filled soul like yours could disappoint anyone...a beautiful art card...Hugs to you! :)

  9. oh my, how loving! I'm sorry you miss your dad so much but I understand. And how wonderful that he was able to get those words out because he knew you were the right one to take care of the girls ;)

    He's smiling down on all of you. And he's enjoying all the kitties that met him there when he arrived.

    This is a beautiful tribute M.
    big hugs!!


  10. oh marianne!
    what a beautiful post!

  11. such a lovely story and memory of your dad Marianne. Your kitties and dogs are so sweet and think of all the joy they gave your initially reluctant dad.

  12. I'm sure your dad is very pleased with how well you are taking care of his dear friends. And he knows they are adding smiles to your days too!

  13. Het moet je vader een gerust gevoel geven te weten dat er goed voor zijn katten wordt gezorgd. Ben er zeker van dat hij het kan zien hierboven.
    Wat heerlijk al die dieren in huis. Ik krijg tegenwoordig bezoek van een paar katten. Sommige komen binnen, anderen blijven veilig buiten bij de voordeur. Kan hen vast nog wel overhalen om binnen te komen.

    En vandaag vond ik een hondje. Vol met bonken sneeuw aan z'n pootjes en buik. Kon maar amper meer lopen en helemaal verkleumd. Ik kan merken dat hij z'n baasje of bazinnetje mist. Het is een echte lieverd. Blaft amper en hij luistert goed. Als ik heel eerlijk ben zou ik het niet zo erg vinden als z'n baasje niet op komt dagen.... :-)

    Oh ja, de Blessingavond in Zierikzee.... tegenwoordig iedere woensdag... Lekker even mediteren en Blessing geven (en ontvangen natuurlijk want we zijn met meerdere Blessinggevers). Hartstikke leuk! Op termijn wil ik iets hier op het eiland gaan doen, maar voorlopig nog even in Zierikzee. Misschien heb je zin om ook een keer komen?


  14. Oh gosh, Marianne...you got me blubbering with this post!!! What a wonderful memory of your Dad! He would be so happy to see the kities doing all good!!! Your dogs are so adorable tooo!!! Such a wonderful family!

  15. P.S. Your candle with the heart flame is exceptionally beautiful!!!


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