Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Again

Left Rainy Vancouver to find a white Zierikzee.
Came home yesterday evening and was so happy to see everyone and everything again.
Celebrating the Holidays away from home is ok, because I have learned to make the best of any situation, but there is no place like home!
Here we will have a real winter period according to the weatherman.
I have a cold, sore throat and pain in my neck and shoulder.........
I just took a long nap. All will be ok just like 2010.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that this year will bring you much happiness.


  1. Hi Marianne!!! Happy New Year and welcome home!!! and you're right...there really is no place like home...full of family and friends and love!!!

    Have a wonderful nap and enjoy every moment!!!


  2. i'm glad you're home, my dear friend, and i hope you have a mug of hot chocolate with an added bit of zing to it. :)

    i look forward to the coming year. i plan to run toward you with arms outstretched....

  3. oh what a beautiful photo!

    happy happy new year marianne!

    i cannot wait to see all the beautiful things you will create this year!

    m & e

  4. Not being home is kind of bummer but sounds like you have adjusted and now you have family and beauty to surround you.

    Happy New Year Marianne.

  5. Beautiful seasonal shot...Ahhh! Now relax and enjoy being home...:)

  6. I hate that you are starting the year not feeling well. Take another nap and drink plenty of fluids. ((hugs))

  7. Welcome home!!
    I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Sometimes I welcome a cold so I can stay snuggled up in bed with cats and dogs and books and not feel guilty! Oh..and hubby too!
    (sometimes ;))

    I have to answer your email soon. Today I used all my energy to paint something for IF.

    KJ can not run to you with open arms before I do ;)

    be well...welcome back!

  8. Welcome home. Please get well quickly. Not nice to think of you hurting in any way.
    I hope your family will coddle you and treat you with tender loving care you so richly deserve.
    Lovely photo there.
    Dress warm, stay warm.
    Be well.
    Happy New 2010.

  9. Welcome home ,I just come home from home.....
    And brrrr cold it is here,same like you ,Marianne we're gils from the MIDI ;-))
    xxx Marja and a high 5 from your Beaudor.

  10. Oh I hope you feel better soon. Bummer about being ill but great news that you're back with your loved ones.

  11. welkom tuis. maar nou moet jy goed rus en gou gou weer gesond voel. ek was op skool 10 uur vandag, sjoe! ek is moeg, gaan rus. liefs.

  12. Your home is your castle and is always there waiting for you. Welcome back. Rest up and take care of yourself.


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