Monday, January 18, 2010

Cactus Monday / Pictures from Cairo

Pictures form last week Made in the garden of the hotel
With my cell phone
Lots of aloe's
and cacti
more spines
more cacti
in all sorts
and sizes And if you think the green beside the path is grass you are ....
Succulents! That's when I thought about Julie! ;)
I think you would have enjoyed this garden a lot!
The weather was not hot but lovely crispy. I was so nice to walk outside without a coat.
To be in my room with the door open and breath in the fresh air.
Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. 'lovely crispy'...

    now that is a wonderful way to describe something, including weather.

    marianne, you are lovely crispy! i can't wait to meet you, not in cairo (i wish) but i know it will happen.



  2. What beautiful photos! I love the palm tree 'mandalas!'

    I believe the green near the path is called ice plant. We had a lot of it in Pacific Grove. It is a great source of water for the deer.
    Maybe the camels like it too!

    I called Ed (Mimi's husband) and I told him what you did. He was very touched but he still didn't let me speak to her :(

    I'll email you later. I'm in great discomfort today but now that I'm sitting up I'm going to try to do IF.

    I hope you're having a wonderful day!

    love and hugs,

  3. Just seeing all of those hot weather plants makes me feel warmer. Love seeing the scene at your hotel. HCM.

  4. magical, i loved cairo when i visited there. and the winter weather in the middles east is always lovely. you have an excellent phone to take that picture. hcm fellow cactuteer. hugs and wfs.

  5. WOW, what a beauteous place!!! Reminds me of Hawai'i. Thanks for all these wonderful photos!!!


  6. Lovely pictures Marianne. Have you just had a holiday in Cairo? How exciting!

  7. Dear world traveler, your life in flight and sites boggles my mind.
    Enjoy! Lovely cacti and succulents all.

  8. Who knew there were so many types of cactus? I didn't. I love the big round ones with all the brown in the center. HCM!

  9. Hi Marianne!!! what a feast for the eyes!!! these cacti are amazing!!! thank you for sharing these!!!


  10. Wow, Cairo. . . what a wonderful place to be. These are amazing pictures Marianne! HCM!

  11. I probably would have been out there every free minute!!! You can just feel how relaxing and serene the garden was there! Beautiful photos with your cell phone! Don't you just love that ice plant business??? Sure wish I could use it here!!! Thanks for thinking of me while there!!! I DO LOVE IT!!!!!

  12. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful again...what glorious greens! HCM!

  13. Luscious greens there - lovely place to relax!! Good pics from your phone too! So glad the necklace was a hit and I look forward to seeing some photos in due course! xx

  14. Awesome photos, the first couple are like mandalas of nature! Your page for Lolo was just amazing, never do you disappoint! The mandala for the sweet Maggie leaves me breathless, it is simply astounding. I so miss peeking in on your beautiful art. Hope all is well with you and your family. Big hug :)

  15. Jeetje zijn die echt van je telefoon ....mooi.
    Wist niet dat Aloes cactussen waren,hebben wij ook in Serignac in de tuin.
    Meid heb al helemaal vlinders in mijn buik.
    xxx Mar

  16. Superb Pics!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

    Belated HCM!

  17. Marianne, what lovely succulents. I love the greens and various textures each one has to offer. How lucky to have spent time in a land rich with history and great art.

  18. Goodness, Marianne! You win the prize for Cactus Monday! Good job!


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