Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blooming Tuesday 12 Mexican Sunflowers

Another hummingbird in an "oldie" I have shown before.

It is Barbara's mandala I painted a few years ago.

I used leaves from Frida Kahlo's paintings and mexican sunflowers.

At first I wanted to paint the swallow Frida wore around her neck but it didn't feel good so instead I chose the hummingbird. After painting I looked up the symbolic meaning of the bird and it was so much better for Barbara than the dead swallow.

I love swallows but I rather see them flying high up in the air!

I could have painted swallows which were alive, but I always follow my intuition, which tells me different than the obvious path. It is right most of the times!

Have a hummingbird day!

Happy Blooming Tuesday!


  1. This is a beauty. I am glad you showed it again. I have never seen it. Happy Blooming Tuesday.

  2. Prachtstuk had het nog niet gezien,bijna net zo mooi als die je voor mij gemaakt heb.
    Voel je je weer wat beter?
    Ben de foto's voor Beaudor's blog aan het uitzoeken en heb al heimwee,T vliegt nu op Montpellier dus.....

  3. hi marianne!
    oh i love your hummingbird!

    happy happy tuesday!


  4. Glad you follow your intuition
    these hummers and leaves are so beautiful...your ability to paint this way boggles my mind. I am continually in awe of your work.

  5. Stopped by on a cold day to enjoy the warmth of your beautiful painting!

  6. wow Marianne!!! amazing work!!! the colours and details are amazing!!! you are always an inspiration....and come rain or shine...illness or not...I will try my hardest to paint everyday!!!


    p.s. I will have to show you the new watercolour stuff I picked up...

  7. Oh my, I haven't seen this beauty before! I love this one very much and I like the fact you used Frida's leaves ;)

    Beautiful mandala M. I'm sure barbara is beyond thrilled!


  8. Oh my gosh, this is so gorgeous! I don't remember seeing it before so I'm happy you brought it back. Just gorgeous!

  9. Wow! Wow! Wow! I super love the hummingbird. So fantastic and it's just so fascinating!
    The colours are so well chosen and blended in here. Your skills and techniques are so fine, sodt and gentle.
    I can really can connect with you Marrianne. I can feel the joy and movement when it flies.

    Yes, this is an angel hummingbird sending love, hope, peace and joy to the world!

    Thanks Marrianne and I hope to see more illustration and Mandala of Hummingbird!


    Last but not least Happy New Year 2010. May you and your family get all that you wish for!

  10. Wow...this is new to my eyes... LOVE those leaves...another beautiful composition! :)

  11. marianne, do you have any idea how sweet and wonderful you are?

    it shows in every thing you paint.

  12. uitstekend. hierdie klein voel is so pragtig, besig en ook rustif. love it. liefs en wfs.

  13. Ooooh, so pleased you have shown us this one Marianne. It's a beauty. I love humming birds and I also find Frida Kahlo's paintings fascinating!


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