Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A= for Animal Wednesday and Alligator

A= for Alligator
Since alligators are always swimming in front of Mim's canoe I have sent this one off to do so as well.................He promised to stay in the water and leave the boat alone........ We, a group of 10, have started a secnd round of ABC ATC making. You can follow the fun at our blog.
Just like in the first round I have no theme but I will try to keep the circle included and will try to create something with the receiver in mind. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. What type of black ink/pen do you use in your outline of this looks very thin, and i like it!!! Beutiful alligator, BTW!!! He looks pretty darn perfect to me!!!

  2. Thanks Julie, for the alligator I used an I Denti pen. For the moon a micron pen which is much finer

  3. Your alli is wonderful and my alli loves your alli!!!! ;-))

  4. Wonderful, Marianne! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love this...The full moon behind him...perfect! :)

  6. I'm really going to enjoy trading with you! I can't wait. Everything I've seen so far is just wonderful.


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