Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greetings from Cairo

I am in Cairo enjoying one of the most beautiful hotels we stay in. I have 48 hours here to relax. No pyramides this time for me. Just enjoying some "me time". I have made some video's and pictures but I have nothing with me to upload them. So I found this on the Marriott site. I am working on Lolo's pages. Soul made an Egyptian page (which is by the way so gorgeous!) and I continue here in Egypt! Is this a coincidence? Hope you are all well! Enjoying the New Year with all it's new possibilities! I like to believe it has good things in store for all of us! ♥♥♥ >M<


  1. Oh my goodness, how very beautiful!! And I think it's amazing that you have my pages with you and you're adding to them in cairo!

    I have to tell you that my little old client from calif, Mimi, is from Cairo. She's 80 years old now and suffering with dementia which is progressing rapidly. Last year there was a photo album on their table and I inquired about it. It was all of her photos from growing up in Cairo! I'll have to email you about it otherwise it would take too much room here. Her father was a physician and she was an olny child. She grew up quite priveledged but she is the most humble, amazing woman. I miss her dearly.
    Please yell out on the balcony "Mimi sends her love!" because I know she misses her homeland very much.

    Looking forward to the pics and videos...and to my special pages ;)


  2. What a gorgeous place to relax in! Good for you. Enjoy every minute.

  3. What a lovely place...i was touched that you thought of me in the succulent garden there!!!!! Maybe one day i will see it! Have a grand rest of your time there!

  4. you are lying by that pool, marianne, drinking daquaries and reading a good book? in cairo? yes?

    emily sends her spunky love.

  5. Oooh meid heerlijk lekker genieten...
    Een heerlijke Me-time to you from Me.
    Tot gauw,

  6. I am definetly jealous - Cairo/Egypt is one place that I have always wanted to see. Oh my, to actually SEE the pyramids! that would be a dream come true. When my dad was a kid he actually got to climb down into the tunnel - I guess there were no liability problems back in the 1920's~

    Have fun

  7. What a wonder-filled place to be inspired to art. I hope you are doing ok too. Have I mentioned that I like the way you are signing your art now? I think it is great.

  8. Hey Marianne, daar zal het wel wat warmer zijn dan hier ;-). Lekker hoor, geniet er van!! Ik ga vanavond (in Zierikzee) voor het eerste Oneness Blessings geven. Heb ze natuurlijk al wel eerder gegeven, maar nu in Zeeland en als gast bij een andere Blessing geefster. Beetje spannend wel!

    Veel liefs en geniet lekker van de tijd voor jezelf!

  9. hi mariann!
    wow! egypt!
    how exciting! thank you so much for taking us there with you!


  10. I love travelling along with you in your blog...Ahhh Cairo...a place of exotic dreams and enticing suqs...I went to the hotel site...and immediately fell in love with the bed linens...WOW! And to think your are working on Lolos book there is so exhilirating to me...MMMmmm! :)

  11. Oh, Cairo looks so beautiful. I got a little glimpse of it in the movie Cairo Time, which I saw this year. It was good.


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