Monday, March 22, 2010

Cactus Monday! Home again.....

This ATC I made when I was stand-by in Rotterdam ......
I love these colors................

Happy to be home again......

Happy Cactus Monday!



  1. Welcome home Marianne. I can hear your heart singing with joy all the way over here. I could watch you paint all day long. Beautiful Cactus for this Monday. (())

  2. yahoo you're back. i watched you paint with total fascination. i know you love thos watercolour pens, still haven't found them yet, and what was that extra blob and that white stuff you mixed? one day i will meet you and sit next to you and watch you do one of these. hope it will be this year. hcm dear heart, and rest now.

  3. i love those colors too. that cactus oozes life.

  4. Double pleasure with this one; watching you paint this beauty.
    Welcome home!


  5. HCM Marianne,
    What got me immediately was how harmonious the colours are. Just beautiful.

  6. Another one of my favorites! Is that possible? :)

    I liked the song too!

    I'm glad you're home safe. Rest up and hug the animals!

    HCM and hugs (((♥)))!

  7. Wilkommen zuruck! Marianne, you KNOW I adore this gorgeous cactus.... in my favourite colour group!

    I remember seeing cactus like this in Taos, New Mexico, in the snow!
    Stunningly beautiful - just like your work!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. How wonderful, the colours are so soothing. Fabulous video.

  9. Oh goodness, this is lovely! So soft and dreamy!!! Love it!!!

  10. Ohhh, I love the lavender. Know you are glad to be home. Keep the beautiful work coming. I was into Zentagle for some reason this past weekend. Run over to my blog and peek.

  11. The colors are beautiful! HCM a little late!

  12. Oh, Marianne! This was such fun! Thank you for letting us watch you make your magic. (I just started using the very same water brush, so I especially liked watching you work.) Also, I love the song you chose.

  13. Absolutely stunning...My newest all time favorite! :) Welcome home...there is definitely spring in your heart! :)

  14. love the purple cactus! gorgeous, and watching you paint it was so fun.

  15. cute blog. Love your outlook on things. Your art is very pleasing. What do cactus taste like? you ask. When I was a kid we had prickly pear cactus where I grew up and we kids used to cut it and with a knife slice off the spines and eiher eat it raw or was good cooked over a campfire. Tasted kinda' like cucumber. Was sticky.


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