Monday, March 8, 2010

Cactus Monday / Lemur

Ring tailed lemur feeding on prickly pear cactus.
Back from my trip to Chicago. Had a great time there. Shopped till I dropped and went to one of the last Oprah Winfrey Shows! Janet Jackson and Tylor Perry were her guests.
Today I will be out most of the day. I will pick my Mom up and together we will visit my friend Aulikki who is still in rehab after her hip surgery.
It starts to snow here again..................Please stop and give Spring a chance!!!!!!!
Happy Cactus Monday!
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  1. how lovely, so glad you had fun. your house must be so big for all this shopping lol. hcm fellow cactuteer and lotsa wfs.

  2. This is so interesting. Have you seen one of these eating a cactus? I know animals do eat cactus. Great drawing. HCM.

  3. Interesting picture. Don't think I want to eat Cactus !!! I love Chicago, my son went to Loyola of Chicago for college and now lives in Chicago. He is a starving artist and loving it.

  4. What a different painting for you and the lemur eating the cacti. It is amazing who eats these prickly cacti.

    Shopping in Chicago? wow, are you brave!!!

    If you ever get to Chicago in the summer months please let me know and I will make the trip there to meet you.


  5. What a life you have, girl!!! Such fun and happiness!

    That lemur is scary looking...I wouldn't want him to bite me! He can stick with cactus diet! LOL!

    xoxo- Julie

  6. I love it when Lemurs get drunk on berries too! Nothing like a drunk Lemur to liven up things :)

    I love this. He looks like he's really enjoying his treat!


  7. This piece is so interesting! I had no idea lemurs like to munch on cactus. How cute!

    Glad to hear you had a nice time in Chicago. And I wish your friend all the best for a speedy recovery.


  8. Nopales, a favorite dish here in Los Angeles. what a beautiful painting. I can read his eyes saying he is loving it!

    How lucky can you be at the show. Did she give away cars!

    Glad you had fun!

  9. Lemur and fun is that!
    Wonderful painting, Marianne!
    Oprah Winfrey Show...nice experience.


  10. Lemur seems to be enjoying prickly pear. Nice piece! You went to Oprah's show - WOW!

    HCM and I hope you get springy weather soon. Ev

  11. you are so sweet to visit your friend and to include your mom. i got your post card on my return home and will post about it soon.

  12. Sorry to be late here Marianne.
    I find Lemur quite interesting.
    The colour setting and mood are in.
    Yes, feel like spring is coming.
    Have fun with Spring Marianne!!!!


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