Saturday, March 20, 2010


Just some pictures....
made in the old part of Panama City
I just love the old town
with all its beauty and lost beauty
Nature taking over
Aha a cat friend!
the view of the "new" city
Old splendor
Beautiful buildings
and details
My favorite square with favorite restaurant: La Casa Blanca, strange enough painted red.....
Here I had diner in August with my son and tonight with a colleague
These ravens, kind of black magpies (but still family of raven I think) I spotted
It was lovely and so was the diner. Have a nice day! Greetings from Panama!


  1. how beautiful, marianne! love the old buildings with plants growing on them! quaint, sweet. be careful. have fun.

  2. What a tropical place. You are lucky to be able to get out and about to see some of the places where you travel. Thanks for taking us there too.

  3. What a lovely old city that is, I don't think I've ever seen pictures of it before. You go to such interesting places!

  4. I love the photos! What a fabulous location, I would love to paint some bright, bright colors on those old buildings and make them pop! :) I love to see it myself!


  5. Hi Marianne!!

    Great pictures! Thanks for including a raven ;)

    There looks like there's a fair amount of poverty there as well. Same as everywhere I guess.
    The architecture is stunning!

    hey, I just read all of your old messages on Facebook. I forget to go there! What is your news? Now I'm curious!

    Enjoy the sun and time to yourself.
    Miss you!


  6. Such charming photos of the Old City...It is so intriguing that such beauty and serenity can be found in these abandoned, neglected places. NAture conquers all! Love travelling with you! :)

  7. What an interesting place it is. Love all those old buildings and the little interesting things you included.

  8. lovely views, wherever we go i always like to see the older city rather than the newer one. this old city is lovely. enjoy it specially the weather and safe return, wfs to you friend.

  9. I've been there once, many years ago as a child. I love the architecture and feel of other places around the world. They each have their own feel. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Misschien ben je al thuis,althans dat hoop ik wel.
    Prachtfoto's,lijk me echt leuk daar ben ook benieuwd naar het eten .
    Geen idee wat je daar voor een keuken hebt,mooi restaurant.
    ben aan het aftellen nog 4 nachtjes.

  11. Lovely photos of the old and the newer.


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