Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

PS (on top)
Look what I got today from Deepa!
This wonderful artist and sweet person made some very beautiful and personal awards for us.
I got this wonderful one!
I pass it on to all my blogfriends who come here and make my day with their comments and friendship!
Thanks Deepa!!!♥
This treasures came from Lolo!
Her new series of ABC ATC's she is sending in gorgeous organza puches and I was wondering how she got those glitter letters on. Well now I know and I have the same in gorgeous purple!
Wonderful hummingbird transfers. Don't we all need some of his energy?!
I already have an idea what to do with them in my head......
Thanks Lolo! ♥
Lolo also sent me this wonderful Frida interpretation.
Love that lady! Who? Well both of course! Great Purple Hairstreak by Lisa! her butterfly series are fabulous! Glad one fluttered my way. And as a surprise she sent me a Vincent bookmark. I love it! He sure was special! Click on the YouTube below to admire his work and the song by Don Mclean, both are so timeless..................... Thanks Lisa! ♥ Soul sent me one of her lovely ATC's J= for Jump! Hope the lady lands softly........... Thanks Jossie!!! ♥ Together with a card I recognized immediately. On the back it says : Do Animals Have Souls? Of course they do. After looking this beauty in the eyes and you can say No, you have to have your head eximined.
Yeah..............spring is here!!!!!
Well no, but the card from Cat sure has that Spring feeling I am longing for!
Thanks Cat!!♥
I am ready for Spring. How about you?
Happy Thankful Thursday!
Hope you have alot to be thankkful for!


  1. Nou anders ik wel kom maar op voorjaar,hiet hadden we vanmiddag zon heb lekker in de tuin gewerkt.
    Al die groene puntje helaas ook wat bollen opgegraven ja Beaudor dacht uitjes is die gek op haha.

  2. hulle is almal so mooi, en ek hoop jy is nou wel gerus en voel heletemal beter. liefs en wfs

  3. Hey Marianne

    There's something awaiting you in my blog. Pls do chk it out:)


  4. I'm so glad you like your sparkly letters and purple pouches :-)
    You always spoil me so I want to spoil you back!

    It's funny how that portrait doesn't look much like Frida even though I did an overpainting/tracing. I think it's because I chose the softer colors.

    I love the jumping lady by SB! I think she's jumping for joy!

    And Lisa's hairstreak is lovely. I like the Vincent bookmark too. And I love that Don McLean song with the slideshow. What a nice visit!

    xo ♥

    (Thanks for teaching me the hearts!)

  5. That Lolo really knows how to spoil a person. I am glad you like your butterfly and bookmark. I just love that song. It sort of makes me sad. Yet it has an air of possibilities. Cheers.

  6. I am thankful for YOU and the lovely artistic touches you paint in all of our lives!

    What lovely spring treasures to tickle your fancy! :)

  7. Marianne, you are so blessed with friends. They are so so thoughtful for you.
    Congrats on the award from Deepa:)
    Today must be your happiest day!


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