Friday, March 12, 2010


This is my latest Birthmandala. Painted a while ago for Simone

In this mandala I painted a koi tattoo.

It's symbolises:

• Courage to brave all the challenges of life• Determination and endurance even in critical situations.• Good luck• Independence and freedom.• Strength to withstand the test of time

Read more about it here Now that's what I call a tattoo! ;)
Hope the mandala will remind you of your own strenght and will bring you good luck Simone!


  1. BEAUTIFUL.....just like The Artist.

  2. Marianne - these are getting better and better and better!!!! awesome!

  3. I am always amazed at the precision of your mandalas. This birth mandala is a beauty. The koi look as if they could leap off this mandala and swim through the world. That tattoo is a beauty.

  4. Mooi Marianne!!! Er zit ook echt diepte in. Heel leuk om te zien hoe je schilderen zich steeds verder ontwikkelt.
    Btw, heb nog leuk nieuws voor je.
    Je mandala voor Deep staat op haar nieuwe cd (vorige week uitgekomen). Je naam en website staan in het boekje wat bij de cd zit. Leuk he!!

    Liefs en een heel fijn weekend.

  5. When I saw this on your website the other day my jaw dropped!! It's one of my favorites besides mine ;)
    The fish are incredible and I love the pinks, oranges and purples together.

    Another WOW Marianne !

    xo ♥

  6. I noticed this one on your website - what a stunner! And that video!!! Fantastic to watch the birth of a birth mandala! You are so talented Marianne!

  7. another wonderful beauty, and what a tattoo? ouch!

  8. You know your art is pure magic don't you? It is. The video just boggles my mind seeing the process of getting from first stroke to last. I stand and applaud you!

  9. Breathtaking birthmandala! All of it is just, the tatto...great work but.....was that not sweet of Deepa? I just love Sjimmie to the side, cracks me up! Have a great weekend :) !

  10. I love how you now have Sjimmie standing guard over the whole blog. Neat!

  11. I love how you are able to take us on a journey from your heart to your completed glorious art...Just magical...This piece is exceptional!

  12. Marianne, love the fish. Absolutely beautiful. Nice bright colors, beautiful composition. You have gone above and beyond inspiring us all. Keep it up.

  13. Wow Marianne, this is just gorgeous and my favorite to date! It's majestic!

  14. oh wow Marianne!!! amazing mandala!!! you are just amazing with these and I love when you show us the work in progress with a video!!! wow wow and wow!!!

    I love the tattoo too...

    that is one huge tattoo....

    I wonder if she has one on the front...

    Have a wonderful night!!!



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