Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dalai Lama's Birthday Party!!!!!

Last Friday I went to my friend Goedele.
We had a good laugh about this card she got for her birthday.

The night before I groomed my doggies and took them with me. Goedele loves my dogs and the dogs are in love with her. Here is Tiuri their pet. Isn't he gorgeous!!!!! And here are my girl ready for Spring with their new hair cut.

(They send their love to Soul and Snuffles!

finally a picture.........)

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Wat een lieve snoetjes, die hondjes!


  2. Those doggies are SO adorable - especially the white one, I just want to take it home!!! HAW and Happy Birthday to your friend

  3. You do a wonderful job grooming the girls!

    Goedele has a beautiful smile ;)

    I love the picture of the snapdragons (?) with the girls on the couch!

    I have a fun Animal Wednesday planned. I just have to take pictures!

    HAW my friend!

  4. Oh I love their sweet little poochie faces! How fun to bring your little companions on visits!

  5. What a wonderful day with you good friend. Your doggies are so cute with their summer haircuts. Marianne. Haw to you.

  6. Oh, Marianne, I love your doggies. Their new haircuts look so nice. I get to see so many cute doggies in my job at the Pet store. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  7. It sounds (and looks) like you and Goedele and the "Furry Ones" had a lovely day. The Dali Lama card made me laugh out loud - too funny!

    Your doggies are ADORABLE and I love their new Spring "dos"! And Goedele's tortiose.... what a fabulous pet!

    Lastly, I saw the beautiful lilacs in your home.... sigh...I can almost smell their wonderful fragrance!

    Thank you for sharing!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. marianne, i love the relationships you have with your friends. i love how much you laugh together.

    the flowers, your sweet dogs, that handsome turtle, your dear friend: i loved it all!

  9. You did a great job on your babies! I should know, I was a professional groomer for twenty years!
    The turtle is very handsome, too.

  10. I've seen so much about sjimmie the cat that I didn't know you had two dogs. Very cute pups!

  11. Awwwe...Koekie and Droppie look adorable!!! Beautiful art surprises!!!

  12. ooooh koekie en droppie, twee dierbare klein hondjies. ek is so bly dat jou mamma jou saam geneem het. ek wens ek kon daar gewees het om julle te ontmoet. soentjies vir julle altwee.


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