Wednesday, March 24, 2010


No dragonflies here yet but spring has arrived!
It was lovely weather today!
Hope where ever you are the sun is shining for you or will do so tomorrow.
Enjoy spring or the anticipation!
I intend to enjoy every single moment of it!
Have a dragonfly day! Happy Animal Wednesday!!!


  1. marianne, everything you do has some spiritual energy to it. do you know that?

    it's clear you honor every living thing.

    so many people are throwing 'i love you's' around on the blogs; i think too often and too easily. but may i: i love you!

  2. I recognized the top dragonfly right away because he lives in my studio! I just love him.♥

    And look at the one with golden wings on the daisy! Wait until Teri sees him!

    You have a dragonfly day too M...and a hummingbird day and a butterfly day!


  3. I adore dragonflies - they are so lovely and variable and glistening. these are gorgeous as usual, and HAW to you

  4. these are so delicate. I love the way you can see through their wings. Remember--I named the farm here Dragonfly pond farm!!!

  5. dragonflies are one of my favorites... what charming creations! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Marianne, these dragonflies are gorgeous! (I'm learning that applies to most everything you do!)

    I love to see them flitting about -like winged messengers, always flying purposefully. Here in San Francisco, we have them with beautiful - almost neon blue - iridescent wings. I will be on the lookout for some the next time I go hiking....

    I like to think that more of us are using "I Love You" these days...and meaning it. A lesson learned from the wonderful Renee...


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Such beautiful dragonflies, I love their colors and glistening wings! They won't come around here until close to summer, but like you ,we're enjoying everything else that's popped up for spring. HAW! Susan

  8. You have captured the dragonflies energy in these paintings Marianne. Just gorgeous. HAW.

  9. Marianne, how beautiful. I love dragonflies, how they flit and dart about, how colorful they can be. You did a great job of these two. As always love your work

  10. Oh my, that daisy dragonfly is AWESOME!!! Love love ♥ it!!
    I ♥ the other one also.

  11. The pink one is spectacular, Marianne!!!

  12. I love your dragonflies; they were a colourful reminder of summer days. I can't wait until living dragonflies start flying here. Happy spring!

  13. Hi Marianne!!! your dragonflies are beautiful!!! your work always makes my smile!!!


  14. Who can resist a dragonfly? I love both of these and think the 2nd is absolutely stunning!

  15. Your gentle magical touches appear again...Ahhh! Lovely!

  16. These are really great!

    (Ik heb je link naar H for Hamster bekeken en het ziet er inderdaad geweldig uit! Leuk initiatief op die blog).


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