Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Goedele!

Today is Goedele's birthday!
This is the very first mandala I painted.
My gosh .......the canvas was too little ;)
Although I like my work better now I look back on this one with pleasure.
It reflects my friends personality so well.
She is such a sweet person and a sunshine in the lives of many!
And all her good qualities are too many to behold on a canvas.
Years later she asked me to paint her another mandala .
This mandala was for another place in another country (and in another live).
I used the same symbols.
Both for the same person, both different yet still the same?
Happy Birthday dear! See you tomorrow!


  1. the second one is simpler. cleaner somehow in the lines. Both a lovely

  2. hi M!!

    Both are wonderful. I love the old fashioned feel to the older one...something about it warms my heart ♥

    The newer one is so progressive and current! I can see how you and your mandalas have evolved.
    I feel so very lucky to have one.
    Have fun with your friend tomorrow!


  3. The first one seems to be so youthful and free spirited. The second is more like a grown up version. Both are beautiful.

  4. I really like that top detailed and just gorgeous!!! Have a fun day tomorrow!!!

  5. Love your mandalas. Very different than what you produce most of the time. Also, love the two little doggies at the bottom. I have a Westie named Winston that I have a great time with.
    Great work as always.

  6. Hi Marianne!!! so much fun to look back and see what we did and how we have grown...this is wonderful !!!! and yet so different....


  7. Goedele van harte wens je een hele fijne dag ,maar dat zal wel lukken als Marianne komt.
    Voor alle schillingjes een dikke knuf en tot gauw,

  8. Wow! look how far you have come.... still the loads of details and patterns, plus wonderful color. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  9. amazing i love both of them..

    Take Care

  10. that first one is amazing. have a happy time together. xx

  11. Love the free spirited whimsy of the first piece...and the order and detail in the second...Both exuded such joy! Have a wonderfully lovely time with your friend...:)

  12. Both are beautiful and I see the same symbols. Would you mind explaining your symbols sometime on your blog? I know you use numbers and symbols but I don't really understand their meanings.


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