Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Simon sure it is his cat? It looks a lot like Sjimmie when he was young....... My dinner table chairs all (8!) look the same as that chair! He didn't spare one. I have replaced my curtians which btw also looked the same way. Now I know why he behaved liked that!! There must have been a fly in the house and he probably killed him for me. Poor Sjimmie I didn't even reward him at that time.....................

He has calmed down now, maybe time for some new furniture?

I really like Simon's Cat!

Visit his website and see them all! Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. you are hating all the waiting, i can see. how much longer till you can go home again to your lovely family?

  2. This gave me the biggest giggle of the day no doubt. I will be smiling all day. Happy AW.

  3. En nog stand-by hoop dat jeje beter voelt en wat zon heb meegepikt.

  4. What an adorable cartoon he has created! LOL...I can just see Sjimmie getting into all this same mischief!!! LOL.

  5. Simon's Cat is great! Your Sjimmie looks so much like my Merlin who passed away this winter. He is beautiful!

  6. Now I am in love with Simon's Cat too!!! Of course, Sjimmie will always be my fav!

  7. I love this guy!! I saw that first cartoon a while ago but not the one you posted. I love it!! He really understands cats. I love that guy!

    Still on standby?? I give you permission to go home ;)


  8. hahahahahahaha.....great cartoon Marianne!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  9. I'm a big fan of this guy! Hadn't seen this one though - thanks for sharing! Tia shredded one sofa to bits in Hong Kong - she's already made her mark on the new one too. Arrrrgh!


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