Monday, January 26, 2009

Cactus Monday (#20)

Last Monday, when I was in Rotterdam taking care of my mother, my friend Marja came to visit us. She was the daughter of our neighbours 44 years ago. We have remained friends ever since! She came for coffee and brought me this present! And wished me a Happy Cactus Monday! Well how cool is that!? And isn´t the cactus lovely? And the flowerpot! Gorgeous! Please visit Marja's blog and admire the baby she brought home last Saturday! Vorige week maandag, toen ik in Rotterdam was om voor mijn moeder te zorgen, kwam mijn vriendin Marja langs voor de koffie. Mijn moeder kent haar ook want ze was ons buurmeisje 44 jaar geleden en we zijn altijd vriendinnen gebleven! Ze kwam met dit cadeau en wenste me een Happy Cactus Monday! Is dat niet geweldig! De cactus is geweldig mooi en die pot,is het geen plaatje?! Je moet even opMarja's blog kijken om haar nieuwe mooie kind te bewonderen, die ze afgelopen zaterdag heeft gekregen! Oh no Sjimmie that´s a bad idea! Auch! Oh nee Sjimmie dat lijkt me geen goed plan! Auw! You better stay friends with this one! Hier kun je maar beter vrienden mee blijven! Update: Day 3 of the 5 day stand-by I am spending in Rotterdam. We took Mom out of the center, where she is staying, for the weekend and because I wasn't called for a flight I took care of her for 2 days. We took her back yesterday evening. Now I am in my brothers house and I have internet again. We visited Dad yesterday and we were not happy with the way he was. According to my brother he was much better Friday evening. I will visit him later this morning to see if he is any better. He is still very fragile, recovering with fall backs. Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Happy cactus monday,and happy newyear it is your year Marianne and of Germain.(year of the OX)
    Ihope it will bring you Joy and Health for you and beloved.


  2. What a lovely gift from your friend.

    Sorry to hear about your Dad - it does take older people longer to heal - with setbacks may times. I'll be thinking about you and hoping that things get better and more settled.

  3. wat n mooi nuwe babatjie vir jou. wat is haar naam (of is dit n seuntjie?) ek hou duim vas vir jou pa en jou ma ook. hcm en liefs en wfs vir hulle ook.

  4. That Teri has caused the migration of many cacti into the homes of the unexpected. teee hee... What a sweet gesture from your friend. That Sjimmie better not mess with this plant. I would hate to hear that he had to go to the vet to have spines removed. Ouch...

    I do hope your Dad improves. Healing thoughts coming his way.

    Happy New Year!

  5. Sending my best wishes for your parents!

    I LOVE the pot that cute cactus is in. And Sjimmie...what can I say, he knows he is the Cactus Monday Mascot.


  6. I hope your dad condition is improving and back to normal soon.
    Your cute Sjimmie is so daring to befriend with this cactus!!!!Ha...Ha..
    Happy Cactus Monday.

  7. continued prayers for your Dad. Cactus and pot are perfect. Sjimmie is a brave kitty to get so close.

  8. No Sjimmie NO!!!!!

    What a sweet little cactus and pot...and friend!!

    Still saying prayers for your dad :)


  9. Prayers, light, and peace to you!

    What a lovely gift...for a lovely lady! Happy Cactus Monday Fellow Cacuteer! :)

  10. With all the prayers and good wishes heading toward your Dad, he HAS to get better! More continued from me too.

    That is the sweetest gift from your friend! Her dog is adorable!!

    Hey Sjimmie, step away from the cactus-this is not a friend. I bet you think since you are the mascot you can do these things. NOT!! You cutie you!


  11. hi marianne
    i love the catctus your friend brought you!
    thank you for the update. i am thinking of you.

  12. Sjimmie is so brave (and beautiful) wrapping himself around this thorny devil!!! It sure is a pretty cactus and pot! What a nice gift. Sounds like you can use it right now, for sure.

    God bless you, Marianne, and best wishes!

  13. Happy Cactus Monday-what a lovely gift.

  14. Beautiful Cacti, Plantpot and Cat... nice combo they make.
    My prayers are there with you and for your Dad.


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