Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I´m back home! Been on a kind of emotional rollercoaster. Took care of my mom. We were called twice to the hostipal because my dad was so bad, one time to the IC unit. We thought he was going to die twice, but today his condition is stable, he was sleeping while this night he was struggling. He had pneumonia, high fever short of breath and dozens of other things . He is 80 and very weak, he has a heartcondition ,COPD, etc. The doctors told us they were not going to intubate him or do CPR when something would happen. Yesterday My SIL and I brought my mother to a rehab centre, which felt like I betrayed her.The whole time I was making telephone calls and visits. My son Lars got ill as well today, no mother to care care of him. So this afternoon after a visit to dad who was finally sleeping and not suffering anymore and my mom who did remarkably well in the centre I drove home. More emotions home: a surprise from a very dear friend! (I´ll show you later), I also got a wonderful gift from my friend Marja which I will show you next Monday! And the inauguration of Barack Obama! These things filled me with love, joy and hope! Very moving! And last but not least all your wonderful comments on my last 2 posts with all your wishes and prayers! Not only did I come home here but my blogging family was there as well to welcome me with all their heartwarming wishes! Thanks so much! I have no idea what will happen now....... I didn´t go to Dar Es Salaam as I was called to the IC 2 hours before the alarm clock went off. Tomorrow I have to call work see what is going to happen. Hope I won´t get any phone calls this night. I´m sooooo tired I´ll go to bed early. Tomorrow I will try to visit you all (and catch up again) and respond to some things beside taking care of little Lars. But right now I just want to sleep (in my own bed....) My father Lars with his grandson (my son) Lars.


  1. Oh Marianne, I wish I could come and give you a hug during these trying times.

    So I will send you a big hug and tell you that your mandala is a beauty.

  2. Emotional rollercoaster is right!

    Sleep deep Marianne, and rest up.
    We'll all be waiting for you to come back refreshed!

    I'll continue to keep your dad in my prayers and wish young Lars a speedy recovery :)


  3. sending prayers and hugs, marianne. That is a lot to go through for sure. Emotionally and physically. Hope you get a good sleep tonight. Blessings, Suki

  4. Lovely colors on your mandala! :O)
    I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! My Uncle F. has heart problems and is in the hospital too. He was out for Xmas and is now back in :O(
    Sending healing and calming vibes!
    Hugs & Faerie Dust!

  5. Peaceful mandala giving the blessing here.
    Glad to here your father is alright.
    I will continue to pray for you and your dad:)

  6. Hi Marianne...welcome Home!!

    that mandala is wonderful...I love it!!! Glad to hear that your Dad is ok...

    Hugs and prayers your way...

    the photo of your Dad and your son is wonderful...


  7. Marianne, I hope that you are able to sleep tonight. What an awful ordeal. Don't feel like you are betraying your Mom. She needs the constant help and you need to be able to care for your own family and self.

    Your beautiful calm mandala masks the fact that you are in such turmoil.

    Many healing thoughts and prayers coming to you from here. ((HUGS))

  8. Best wishes to the entire family, Marianne! Hey...the two Lars look like twins facially!!! Amazing!

  9. Oh, I forgot to tell you how gorgeous the mandala is! I love the little fishes jumping through the glistening water!

  10. Sorry to hear that there is so much trouble in the family, I hope everyone stabilizes - I know how you feel having old parents also. This picture of your son and father is priceless!!

  11. oh marianne

    i am thinking of you and your family. i am so proud of you for trying to get some rest when you can.

  12. Nou zie ik dat mijn reactie er niet opstaat,bij deze lieverd hoop dat je vandaag wat rust hebt gevonden.
    En het met jouw 2 LARSEN beter gaat,ik denk aan je en ben er voor je.(bellen he)
    Veel liefs voor jou en al al jou dierbaren.


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