Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gifts / Update

These are the surprises I told you about 2 days ago!
Sjimmie:Hey what is this.......... A beautiful mug!
Now I have a real Teri Mug!
Sjimmie:Oh no..........Rooibos tea! Too hot and spicy for me
The wonderful mug came with this beautiful mandala magnet! Thanks a million Teri! They came in a moment I could need a smile! If you could see me it is from ear to ear! I love the mug and the chosen design is so Teri! All Painted Daisies!The leaf mandala was one of my favorite watercolors! You can take a closer and better look at her Zazzle Store Later that afternoon I got another surprise! These wonderful watercolors of Droppie and Koekie! Handpainted by the talented Lisa of Artsy Endeavors Thanks so much Lisa! You have made me very happy! Don´t you think they are exactly alike!? I will frame these! I'm not going to Nairobi tomorrow. Yesterday my father was transferred to th IC unit again. We spent a few hours there and later I spent the the night at my brother's. This morning I visited my father who was doing better but he was very confused and restless. Completely exhausted but still trying to stay awake (I think I would be the same, afraid to go to sleep and let go). I drove home and I slept the whole day, untill 14.30! Just a few minutes ago I got a textmessage from my brother that he has been moved to the normal ward and he is stable for the moment. I will call work tomorrow to see what I will do. Ik ga niet naar Nairobi morgen. Gisteren werden we gebeld dat Pa weer naar de IC was gebracht. Hij had het benauwd, vocht achter zijn hart en longen. Vanmorgen voordat ik naar huis ben gereden ben ik nog even bij hem langs gegaan. Hij was beter , maar erg onrustig en verward. Arme man...... Doodop en toch niet willen slapen. Ik begrijp dat ik denk dat ik dat ook zou hebben, bang dat je misschien niet meer wakker wordt, er bij willen blijven. Ik heb de hele dag geslapen, tot 14.30! ik heb net een SMS gekregen dat hij terug naar de afdeling is gegaan. Zijn toestand is weer stabiel. Morgen bel ik mijn werk en kijken wat ik er gaat gebeuren.


  1. hi marianne!
    oh what beautiful gifts you received.
    i am thinking of you and your family. your dad is a very strong person.

  2. Heel erg fijn dat je vader weer op zaal is,we blijven aan hem denken.

  3. beautiful gifts from wonderful friends!

    I'll continue to keep your dad in my prayers.
    (I'll respond to your email later today too!)

  4. marianne my liewe vriendin, ek was glad nie bewus dat jou papa in IC was nie. Ek stuur jou almal my diepste wense en my hoop dat alles beter vir julle almal sal gaan. met my diepste lefde altyd. en baie wfs vir pappie.

  5. This is such a difficult time for you Marianne so I am glad the gifts arrived at this time. And I am so happy you like them. You are such a wonderfully giving person, this seems just a small gesture to think of you in this way.

    Prayers for you and your Dad and your family.


  6. Oh gosh, and I love Lisa's paintings-so wonderful!

  7. Yes they are and they are so like I think, The colors on Koekie the grey and beige and the facial expressions!
    I love them (in real too)

    and Teri I don´t see it as a small gesture but as great gifts!

  8. What you are going through, your family is going though, is so hard and upsetting Marianne. I send you light and love to guide you through this time. Your dad, in the pictures from a previous post, looks so sweet. Many prayers, Suki

  9. Wow!
    So many new surprises...good good....

  10. Beautiful gifts from Teri, Marianne! Thanks for sharing.

    Hope your father continues to do well. Take some time to rest so you will have energy for your father, too.

    Take care!

  11. Teri is one talented lady! As well as Lisa - what lovely paintings.
    Thinking of you and your dad - and hoping things go OK - you take care of yourself too OK?

  12. I am glad these little pictures of your sweet doggies came at a time that you needed a little lift.

    It is good to hear that your Dad is improving. May it continue.

  13. Sending love and prayers your way...

  14. Marianne, I wish the best and the most peaceful thing for your father and your family! I am glad he is some better for the time being.

    Here is a Hug for you!

  15. I am keeping your Dad in my prayers and sending positive thoughts to you!!!

  16. I am keeping your Dad in my prayers and sending positive thoughts to you!!!

  17. Marianna,
    I am sending you some pug love.
    You have such wonderful friends who think so much of you, and I can tell you think so much of them-- to share their love and kindness and gifts to you. My thoughts are always with you and your family. Family is so important.
    love to you


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