Saturday, January 10, 2009


(The view from my upstairs window before I left yesterday) Still in Rotterdam with my friend Aulikki. It's so good to see her again and I really hope they leave me alone today so we can catch up a little more. My shift ends at 15.30, when I'm still here I will do some shopping and make dinner tonight. It's still freezing here and the whole country,except me, is ice skating. Yesterday, when I drove to Rotterdam the landscape was breathtaking beautiful! There was rime everywhere. It was so beautiful that I felt very emotional. I enjoyed my ride. Nog steeds in Rotterdam bij mijn vriendin Aulikki. Heerlijk om haar weer te zien en ik hoop dat ze me vandaag met rust laten zodat we nog een beetje kunnen bijpraten. Mijn dienst zit er om 15.30 op, dan ga ik boodschappen doen en vanavond koken voor Aulikki. Het vriest nog steeds en het hele land is aan t schaatsen (ik niet). Gisteren toen ik naar Rotterdam reed was het zo sprookjesachtig mooi onderweg, daar kon ik helaas geen foto's van maken. Boven een foto s'morgens genomen, maar die is niets vergeleken bij wat ik later zag. Het was zo mooi , dat het me gewoon ontroerde! (Aulikki's Mandala, I have painted for her a few years ago) PS: I have been called and I will travel to Tehran tomorrow. So I won't be able to blog untill Wednesday. I'm going to make dinner now. See you later and Wednesday I will visit you all! Thanks for all your lovely comments!


  1. Marianne,ik hoop dat ze je met rust laten.
    Geniet van de tijd met Aulikki,en hopelijk eet ze voor straks.

    Liefs Marja

  2. What an incredible picture. I love seeing the world through your eyes!

  3. The scene out your window is entrancing. I hope you get your visit with Aulikki fully covered before they call you to work.

    He mandala is so colorful and full of life like I am sure she is.

    Great picture of friends. Love is floating all about you two.

  4. Beautiful scene. Glad you can spend a good visit time with your friend.

  5. What a wonderful way to spend the day...with a good friend who also makes beautiful mandalas! That first photo is just awesome!

  6. What is Aulikki's mandala medium?
    What a beautiful place.

  7. Wonderful photographs!! How wonderful to have your good friend there :) And her mandala is stunning!

    What is rime??

  8. Hi Teri, the mandala is hanging here besides the computer, I have made it for her a few years ago :)

    Hi Julie the mandala is painted with acrylic on canvas

    Ho Lolo,
    What is rime.....?
    I didn't know the word in English so I looked it up and this is what the translation said:
    NL: rijp EN: rime
    Definitie: (Engels) a deposit of white,rough,ice-crystals,formed when supercooled droplets of fog come into contact with solid objects at temperatures more than 0 degree Celsius.
    But you probably use another word, What is that?

  9. The picture is just amazing! I'd be emotional driving through the beautiful ice and snow too! (Rime is another word for frost) I have a link to your beautiful orange post on my blog today!

  10. I also think that when it clings to and coats every little branch like that white it might also be called "hoarfrost"...seriously, not a joke...:)

    A stunning photograph...So quaint and romantic in feel...Have a safe trip...:)

  11. hi marianne!
    oh what an encheting photo! i am so glad i get to see the world through your travels. it is wonderful!
    have a wonderful trip. I cannot wait to hear all about it. I will miss you.

  12. Marianne,

    We will miss you but have a good trip, okay? It should be warmer in Tehran, right?

    The photo is absolutely beautiful and the mandala is truly wonderful. I love them both. Is the photo of you and Aulikki?

    I have been thinking of you a lot today and wondering how things were going with your parents...I hope their appointments went well with the physician. It is a hard time with aging parents, isn't it?

    Be Safe!

  13. die foto is wonderlik, ek is so bly dat jy tyd gehad het om met jou liewe vriendin to kuier.en ek hoop dat jy hb vind in teheran en haar kan ontmoet, mar ek dink sy is n baie private persoon. lies en lekker vlieg.

  14. great photos Marianne and I love the mandala you created...wonderful as always...

  15. Wow! So beautiful Marianne.
    I love all the exotic colours here!
    I think there should be a Mandala Art Gallery around just for this perfect collection:)


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