Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink ATC´s

Starfish lotusrays seaspiral octo gold marble seaweed spots outside I did this pink series of ATC´s. The starfish is my favorite. And yours?


  1. I like them in just about the order you have them. The starfish must mean that you are ready for a visit to a tropical island.

  2. Oh...these are fantastic!!! My fav is seaweed! I love the series of pink! Great designs!

  3. They are all wonderful. Seaweed is my fav. You sure have been busy!!!

  4. Seaspiral is wonderful - but really - they all are. The colors are gorgeous!

  5. My favourites are Gold & Seaweed.
    I think I am greedy, I would love all these sweet pink series.
    I feel like going for a great Island Holiday.....
    So romantic and dreamy too:)
    Happy Weekend!

  6. I love every one of these!! Only later in life did I become a fan of pink. Now I love it! The gold on these is stunning!

    I saw your comment on Mim's blog about her header. I think you have one of the BEST headers out there. Sjimmie looks so magical with your beautiful colorful work :)

  7. en 'seaweed' vir my ook. magical!

  8. I love them all, unique and indidvual, and pink is a fav colour of mine.

  9. these look amazing all together like that....WOW!!!!

    I think you need to open up a shop!!!


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