Friday, January 16, 2009

Zendala ATC

Just a quick post, I`ll be away the whole day. Have to go to The Hague for a new passport and to Rotterdam to visit my parents. Teri inspired me to do a zendala, she is a master in this! Margaret as well! If you did any zentangles or zendalas please tell me in your comment I will add you link here. Admire other zentangles/zendalas: Lisa Have a zendala day!


  1. Beautiful Zendala Marianne...they are such great fun to do!

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  3. This video was such fun to watch Marianne. I love to watch an artist at work. Great inspiration.

    Your zentangle is wonderful. Aren't they fun to do??

    I have made several zentangles. They are addictive. When I feel restless I can put that energy into a zen. I find it very relaxing.

  4. You make everything look so easy!!! Amazing video...which I am planning to watch over and over again till I figure it out! I don't know why it is so hard for me to do this!!! Love your music also!

  5. What kind of pen is that? It seems to make a thicker line if you press harder. Am i right???

  6. So finely detailed and delicate. Hope your visit with your MOm goes well.

  7. oh your zendala is wonderful!
    how beautiful!
    have a wonderful day marianne!

  8. Great movie marianne, especially for those that are not familiar with zentangles. You made a beautiful one.

    I call them zendalas. And I need to do some again--I lost my muse.

  9. it looks so easy, i agree with julie, i am going to play it over and over again and practise. hugs xxx

  10. I have never done a zendala or zentangle, but they look like fun. I'll have to try it!

  11. Hi Julie!
    I put the video on pause and saw it was an Identi Pen, never heard of , but it looks interesting, it has 2 sides!

    And every one who hasn´t try it, do it! It is fun!

  12. I saw this very same youtube clip which got me started on my first zentangle too!!

    They are fun aren't they...very relaxing,

  13. Lovely! I like the thick and thin lines created by the thick and thin Sharpies (: The video was nifty! I love watching the process! BTW, love the blue mandala below too- it says Shalom, doesn't it? Infinite blessings!

  14. Sorry to miss this.
    Interesting sharing.
    Just prompt me to try this.
    Thanks Marianne:)


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