Saturday, August 1, 2009

See you later...................................

(picture by Darryl de Necker)
Today we will leave early for Sweden. We will drive to Kiel (Germany) and take the ferry to Göteborg, where we will arrive the next morning. I will have lunch with Anna on Sunday! We have rented a summerhouse (stuga) 50 kilometers North of Göteborg. I won't take my laptop with me as we will probably won't have internet there. I hope I can keep my hands off my son's laptop. We will be back next Sunday and I will post some pictures then. Until then, have a nice time!


  1. Lieverd heeeeeeeeeeel veel plezier met je Driekoningen.

  2. OMG, no wonder you want to go here. It is beautiful. Have a great time.

  3. it will be so good for your soul to have peace and quiet, specially from the internet. geniet die wonderlike vakansie saam met jou lieflings...wfs...

  4. So serene and lovely...Enjoy each moment! :)


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