Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#2)

Sarah. She has adapted well. She loves the petdoor, to be able to walk outside whenever she likes.
Sjimmie thought he was the boss untill I moved in!
Pomme, she is still hiding, but she did that in my parents house also. She is doing ok I think. She is old and walks difficultly. She hasn´t been outside for years, but here she is enjoying real sunshine! You go girl! Monday I finally was allowed to bring Mom home for a day! After her ward has been in quarantine for weeks..... She enjoyed her day, but most of all the reunion with her cats! Tomorrow I will get the key of my Mom´s new appartment! We have found her a place in a home for elder people. The appartment is small, but she will at least have her own space again, after spending 4 weeks at a PG ward (for Alzheimer patients, which she is not). I am so happy for her! Tomorrow I will also drive her to the hairdresser. We will have to decide what to do with the cats. A tough decision. What is best for Mom isn´t the same as what is best for the cats......... We will see. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. aaaaaaawwww marianne, dankie vir die wonderlike fofos van jou mammie. sy lyk so bly om haar katte te sien. ek hoop alles gaan goed met haar nuwe woonstel en miskien kan die katte haar gaan besoek maar nie daar woon nie.
    ha ha ek dink dat maggie lyk na my,maar ek wil nie te veel se nie, ha ha.

  2. Wat een schattige foto's van Sarah en Pomme meid ze zijn goed bij jou.
    Hadden alle dieren maar zo'n geluk nadat hun baasje er niet meer is.
    En je moeder krijgt weer een eigen stekkie ,kom gauw met een grote bos bloemen.
    Liefs Marja

  3. hi marianne!
    oh what a beautiful post. your mom is so lucky to have you!
    i am so excited for her!

  4. What a difficult decision but it will all work out just things usually do. So happy that your Mom is getting settled and able to reunite with her pets.

    This can be such a difficult time in an elders life, losing a mate and moving. She is lucky to have you for a daughter.

  5. Your mom looks so content patting Sarah :) Don't they allow cats in the elder place? They do here, and small dogs too. Pets are all some elders have(as you know.)

    It's heard to place older cats in a new home. I don't think Pomme would adjust to a stranger if she's been hiding so long in your house. Can't you keep them?
    My heart breaks for you and the decision you'll have to make. My heart breaks for the cats too :(

    I'll think positive thoughts!!!
    HAW! XX

  6. Hi Lolo,
    yes she can have pets there as well, but she has to be able to take care of them herself, and that will be a problem....... Of course we can come over to clean the cat toulet, but she has to feed them also.....
    With some help I can we can manage it........
    And if not of course they will stay here! No problem.
    It is just such a pity to see Sarah enjoying her freedom here and enjoying to be outside. There she will be locked in a small room.
    Pomme is just adjusting ok and I know once back at my mothers she will hide all day again and my Mom is not capable of taking her out of that mode....
    So it is a choice, but no way the cats will have to go to a new home .
    i promised I would take care of them and I will and they are such cuties , it´s no sacrifice.

  7. Nou ik had een heel verhaal hier getypt, kreeg ik ineens een of andere error en is het helemaal verdwenen... Balen!

    Nou ja, ik w8 nog even en kom strakjes weer kijken. Misschien ben ik wel te snel en verschijnt het straks alsnog.

    Veel liefs en een knuffel,

  8. Oh, I know how much your Mom loved being home with you for the day and seeing her cats!

    I cannot believe the Turkish airliner that cracked into 3 parts this morning, over there...of course, all I could think about was you, even though I knew you were not aboard! It was all over the news here at 5:30am when I turned on the TV! I have not heard any more reports since getting home form work. I am amazed almost everyone was OK! A miracle!

  9. your mom looks like a wonderful person. my mom is in a rest home. her memory is gone but not her spirit or sense of humor. sounds like the cats will be loved whenever they are!

    nice to visit your blog, marianne.


  10. Your Mom looks so happy with her cats about her. It is too bad she can't keep them with her. A difficult decision. I do hope all works out to everyones advantage. HUGS

  11. I am glad your mum has finally settled down. She is so cheerful and contented with this little cute pussy!


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