Thursday, February 26, 2009


This ATC I made yesterday. I went to a big swimming pool with my boys )they have a school holiday) and 3 of their friends. Normally I don´t like events like that and I don´t like to go into the pool with hundreds of screaming children. Lucky me all the kids are good swimmers. So I took along some cards so I had something to do while waiting and look after the children. These cards are great to take along! Deze ATC heb ik gisteren gemaakt. Ik ben naar het zwembad geweest met de jongens en 3 vriendjes, ze hebben krokusvakantie. Normaal gesproken vind ik het verschrikkelijk in zo´n zwembad en wil al helemaal niet het water in met hunderden schreeuwende en wie weet plassende kinderen. Gelukkig kunnen ze allemaal zwemmen en hoef ik alleen maar op te letten en te wachten met chips en limonade. Deze kaarten zijn geweldig om mee te nemen!


  1. Bedankt voor de mooie rozen,het is vandaag 1 jaar zonder mijn Max.
    Ga nu naar buiten met mijn nieuwe maatje,de krant is naar je onderweg.
    Fijne dag Marja

  2. OOOh, so pretty!! Sparkly roses. The background looks like marble!
    Lovely Marianne!

    P.S. I'm happy you'll be keeping the kitties if need be:)


  3. This one is a beauty!!! But then, everything you do is beautiful. Great way to spend a few minutes.

  4. oh i love it marianne!

    did you watercolor the background at the pool too or create the backgrounds before?

    i love your atcs!

  5. This is a beauty Marianne. I did some ATC's while riding in the car. My DB told me I should name them "The 70's Series" because we were driving at 70MPH at the time I was doing them.

  6. Gorgeous...a gorgeous organic! :)

  7. Indeed, you have such joy and cleverly utilized the few minutes while waiting.
    Soft pastel mood set us in merry mood. Beuatiful as always!!!

  8. Gorgeous ATC. I, too, wondered about the background, whether it was done in advance? I have made some ATCs but so far have only given them to family.

  9. Hi Melissa and BT

    Yes I did the background in advance at home!

    Thanks you all for your positive comments!


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