Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Jerôme!

(detail of Jerome's mandala, which I will show later as soon as he has seen it) Yesterday night I finished Jerôme's mandala, just in time because he will turn 30 today! Although I won't see him today I wanted to finish it before his birthday and I did 45minutes before........ Congratulations my dear nephew, I still remember the day you were born and I became an aunt. Gisteren heb ik Jerôme's mandala afgekregen, net op tijd want vandaag wordt hij 30! Hoewel ik hem niet zal zien vandaag wilde ik hem toch op tijd afhebben en dat lukte 45 minuten voor 9 februari. Gefeliciteerd lieve neef van me. I herinner me nog de dag dat je op de wereld kwam en ik tante werd.


  1. Happy Birthday to Jerome. I can't wait to see the completed mandala.

  2. Oh I can tell this is a beauty! I know how hard you worked on this. I'm sure he'll enjoy it and treasure it forever!

    How are you doing? I'm thinking about you still.

  3. Happy Birthday Jerome.
    What a lovely present,from a very nice aunt.

  4. How lovely this is - isn't being an aunt great?


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