Saturday, February 7, 2009


Both Kim and Soulbrush have honored me with this award! This is so cool because I don´t consider myself much of a writer...... Thanks Kim and Soulbrush and I will give it a nice spot in the sidebar. I´d like to pass it on to all my friends on my bloggrol (see sidebar) because I always enjoy to visit their blogs, they have always somthing nice to show or tell me! And because of the sweet comments they leave on my blog. I know I don´t answer each and every one separately but I highly appreciate each and every one! Believe me! I am like a child so happy when my friend have paid me a visit and left a comment. I am grateful for all the comments you have left during these last 2 weeks, I was so happy with all your support! So please, take it! (when you like to play by the rules see Scolastic Scribe´s Blog)


  1. Congrats Marianne! You do wonderful writing that acompanies your mandalas! You're so informative and vibrant when you describe them :)
    We all learn so much from you!

  2. Thanks Marianne and congrats to you. Your posts are wonderful. Love all of them:)
    You have inspired me in many ways and still will continue to....Thanks again:)

  3. Congrats Marianne. You do some wonderful writing with great explanations.


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