Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine´s Day!

Happy Valentine´s Day! A perfect day for an award for you! Here a few names in random order Marja Yoon See Yessica Julie Lisa Rivas Studio Lolo Margaret Messy Fish Soulbrush Lisa at G Teri Mim Museswings Fannie Daily Art Stop Vic I don´t like to exclude anyone, I think I gave it to the rest of my blogfriends a while ago.......(like Suki and Lynn, Amy ,Kim and HB) but if your name is not in the list above and you don´t have the award yet, please help yourself and don´t be shy. All my favorite blogs and blogfriends on the sidebar are nominated. If you visiting and like the award please take it. The rules? None. Just like love, all good things should be shared and passed on freely, so just give the award to anyone you think who deserves it. click here for other sizes Enjoy And now some wonderful presents I got this week to make my Valentine Day a special one. The pictures are also in random order: A wonderful watercolor by Diana who came in the mail this week. I love Diana´s watercolors! I won this one just by commenting at the Daily Art Stop, so what´s keeping you? This ATC was a gift from Lisa, what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!I looks just the stuffed rabbit I had as a child. I know what this one meant to you so I will cherish it! These vases Anna took all the way from Sweden on her lap in the aircraft so no coffee or sandwich for Anna................I saw these last year in Sweden but could not take them on a plane, but Anna could! This beautiful handmade card by Lisa! Three layers of beautiful drawings hold together by a ribbon. It is so pretty! This ATC I traded with Lisa, I love it! Orchids from my hubby! Wat ben je toch een lieverd! The envelop my prize was in. A work of art by itself. Sjimmie in a Pumpkin! I got to pick a print from Diana. It is so lovely, it looks like velvet in real! The colors are so vibrant. A lino print of Emmitt! I love you Emmitt! Handmade cards by Diana, sooooooooooo sweet! A wonderful card from Melissa! (look at the beautiful paper) This Valentine card by Lolo, with an embellished heart. Love it! And this beauty from Marja, which I will reveal on Monday. (Image from the internet) And something I can´t show you; all the sweet words in the cards,comments and in my ear. Well how lucky am I ?! I feel blessed ! Thanks so much everyone! Hope you all have a Happy Valentine´s Day, with lots of love!!!!!!!! Hope you all feel loved today the way I did this week! Love you all!


  1. Wow! a bonanza of wonderful gifts!!

    Thanks for the award Marianne. So sweet of you.

  2. Oh Marianne Thank you! Thank you! for the award... made my day! A real Valentine...

    As Teri said you sure had the bonanza of gifts, all so beautiful... such kindness. It must be that sending of mandala love :-)

    Manda = send ; la = the ...
    Mandala = send the (in Spanish)

    ♥ ♥ ♥ I send you much love and thanks ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. My goodness Marianne, you are mightly blessed. All are such beautiful works of art. And that orchid is gorgeous.

  4. Wow Marianne!!! you sure got a lot of neat stuff in the mail!!!

    thanks for being you and being so sweet and sharing an award with all of us!!!

    bless your heart...


  5. Happy Valentine samen met je driekoningen....
    Wat een lief kado(maar hoe neem ik dat mee,blond he).
    Liefs Marja

  6. A heartfelt thankyou for the heart award! How beautiful - I will treasure it.
    Your gifts are wonderful - there is lots of love in the air! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, Marianne! Thanks for the award. You are so sweet!

    Looks like you received a lot of love from friends. You are loved by many, including me.


  8. beautiful and delicious gifts and cards and images. You are truly blessed.

  9. Look at all these beauties!!!

    My valentines from YOU came in the mail today!! I was blown away by the surprise. Thank you dear friend! I just posted them :)

    I'm glad your day was full of love. What goes around, comes around ;)

  10. Thank you Marianne. You are so sweet and considerate:)
    You are so kind, friendly and talented. And I am so happy to see so many presents specially made for you:)
    Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

  11. I love all your cards and mandalas. And to accept one as a gift, well, what an honor! Thank you!

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