Saturday, February 7, 2009

Colors and Numbers

Suki asked me when I posted the yellow one if at the end, I could show them all together in one shot? So here it is. Below is the list of links when you have missed one or when you want to look up your favorite number or color. Suki vroeg me toen ik geel op mijn blog zette, of ik ze op het laatst allemaal samen kon laten zien? Hier zijn ze dan. Hieronder een lijst voor als je er een gemist hebt of als je je favoriete kleur of getal wilt opzoeken. 1 RED / ROOD 2 ORANGE / ORANJE 3 YELLOW / GEEL 4 GREEN / GROEN 5 BLUE / BLAUW 6 INDIGO 7 PURPLE / PAARS 8 REDVIOLET / ROODVIOLET 9 RAINBOWCOLORS / REGENBOOGKLEUREN


  1. What a colorful rainbow. They are a box of chocolates for the eyes.

  2. That was a wonderful idea Suki had!
    I can't wait until you find that card stock and start printing these designs as cards :)


  3. Thanks for this great compilation, it's like a precious journal page to be read again and again and be remembered:)

  4. M- did you get the ATC's that I sent you about a month ago???

  5. Gosh, they are so wonderful by themselves but gorgeous all together!!

  6. die rooi een met die hart is fantasties. as daar n ekstra een oor bly, ek sal so graag dit wil kry. em ek sal jou definitief iets mooi terug stuur....whew, hulle is fantasties. liefs en wfs.

  7. Hi Mim,
    Yes the cards have arrived, you can see them here.

    Soulbrusk die rooi is vir jou!

    Hi Lolo I am still looking for the right card stock, I have bought the celophane in China! I am working on it although the idea was in the freezer the last two weeks it is alive again now!

    Hi lisa,
    Colors are always a sight for a sore eye!

    Thanks Yoon See and Teri!

    Hope you will all have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh...Marianne...they are so beautiful all together like this!!! Just gorgeous!!!

  9. Hi Marianne!!! they look wonderful all together like that!!! you are so talented....have you opened up a shop yet?

    oh and p.s. my husband made a boo boo....he was to mail your package last week....and I found it in the it will be out Monday ....sorry for the delay...he is sorry too!

  10. How beautiful to see them altogether! The very last one seems to have captured all of the colors from the others.

  11. Hi Julie,
    Thanks, you still want to trade?

    No Diana I haven´t........... Maybe I should. I am working on making cards after Lolo has encouraged me.
    Butwe can always trade or you can get one (with love).

    Hi Muse Swings!
    You are so right. In the number nine all the colors and properties of all the numbers come together!


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