Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Puppy Shower / Kraambezoek

Hey, don´t put the treats there, they are out of reach! Ain´t I just the cutest puppy ?! And I can listen! And sleep like all dogs can do so well...... This Monday I went to my friend Marja to see her new baby Beaudor, a Rhodesian Rigdeback. I was not too pleased about the pictures I took, but here they are. I just went to her blog and found a post about my visit. Have a look, if you can´t read it (it´s in Dutch) it is about her forgetting to take pictures of my visit on Monday...... The pictures are of a trip to Shanghai where we met last year. The first one was made on board on our way back home, Marja was a passenger and I was working. How about that?! We know each other for over 44 years and we see each other way too little and we meet in Shanghai! I flew Marja and Ruud back from their holiday to China. The second picture is made by Ruud when we had dinner in one of the most famous restaurants in Shanghai. When it comes to food just leave it up to Marja, she is an expert! I also got a surprise from Marja, she can´t resist giving me treats! Which I will show you Monday. have any idea what it is...........? Guess!!!


  1. mmmm miskien a nuwe cactus? ek dink sy is n baie goiei vriendin van jou. wat n lieflike hondjie....

  2. Niet doen hoor Marianne je gaat op je hond lijken.....
    Met Koekie en Droppie krijg je krullen veel beter dan zo'n neus.

  3. Hi there! this is a wonderful Animal Wednesday post and all you have to do to join is to ask and the magic kitty taps you on the shoulder and Boom! you are a member!! Welcome to the world of animals on wednesday.
    I like the ribbons down the side of the blog and I like the colors. I had someone design mine for me, it was inexpensive and worth not hassleling, but your's looks wonderful.

  4. What a sweet puppy. It will be a big dog won't it? I love brown dogs. I think they are my favorite color of dog. Don't tell Luna that. tee hee...

    Happy Animal Wednesday.

  5. This is a super cute puppy...are there any ugly puppies?

    What a great story about finding old friendships again one the other side of the world, no less!

    A great post and really cute background here, Marianne!

  6. Did she give you this sweet puppy??? That is my guess!!!

  7. Wow, you keep changing the blog!! The header is wonderful...hearts and Sjimmie!!

    I love ridgebacks too! I have known many. I did a mural on the front of a house with her 2 ridgebacks painted lifesized!

    I think she gave you a cactus :)

    Please join Animal Wednesday!!



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